What Vacuum Cleaner Is Best For Frieze Carpet

The variety of carpet types is too large, but lately, there has been a strong interest in frieze carpets. Some users are unfamiliar with their appearance and are often confused by what they call. ‘Rugged carpets’, but they have some distinctive features and advantages. They can be said to be innovations in the world market. Do preliminary research on this type of carpets and you will be convinced of their good qualities. In addition, you will find them in quite a few shades and at affordable prices, which will certainly encourage you to add them to the interior of your home.


What is a frieze carpet and what are its benefits?


The frieze carpet resembles the steps of the models, but its production uses twisted yarns, which are woven into an unevenly knit surface. The variety of flooring of this kind comes mostly from the colour range. There are monochromatic and those in which several colours are interwoven. They all look equally charming and are always of interest when they visit the room they are housed in. They bring incredible accent and complement the style of the room. The main advantages of frieze carpets are the following:


  • Different look from the traditional – today everyone strives to stand out with some accent in the room, the rooms look modern and stylish. With frieze carpets, all this is achievable. The surface, as you have already learned, is suitable for almost any room, it also brings additional cosiness. A great solution is to put it on the floor in a nursery by the bed, in your bedroom or in your living room
  • It has high durability – feel free to put this type of rug in high traffic areas. Even if you step on it daily, it will retain its authentic appearance for a long time. Of course, if you take good care of it, you will have the opportunity to admire it for a long time. Frieze carpets are characterized by the fact that their fibers are high brightness, and their length contributes to the advantage of contamination and surface spots are difficult to see
  • The frieze carpets are soft and comfortable to step on – the feeling of walking barefoot is very pleasant. They create warmth and contribute to a more family-friendly atmosphere in the home. You can also let young children play on frieze carpets. The fibers are extremely soft and fluffy when frequent maintenance is applied
  • The variety of colors is great – these are carpets that are simple and of the same type. Their uniqueness lies mostly in the many colors that consumers can choose from. You will find them in one color, as well as in many colorful shades
  • They fit in just about any style – they have a wide application and you could even move them from one room to another for variety if you buy a rug in a more neutral colour. If it is in a more saturated colour, it can be used to contrast the whole environment. You are unlikely to make the wrong decision to put twisted fibre flooring. Fashion critics exclude this type of carpet only in strictly formal interior designs.
  • They are easy to clean – carpet care is easy and time-consuming. In the case of lower traffic, it is sufficient to clean with a vacuum cleaner every two weeks. If the room you place it in is occupied daily, then it is advisable to vacuum for at least a few days. More importantly, remember to apply a deep cleanser at least once or twice a year. This procedure is recommended by a carpet cleaning specialist.




It is best to purchase professional cleaning agents for your frieze carpet if you decide to take this step yourself. However, it is not worth it, because you will certainly not do as well as companies offering deep cleaning of carpets. In addition to having the best cleaners and accessories available, they know exactly what technology to apply. Despite the advantage of more difficult contamination of this type of carpet, deep cleaning is a must. However, the layered dirt worsens the appearance of the carpet and pollutes the cleanliness of the house.

Regarding the vacuum cleaner for the carpet vacuuming, there are some basic characteristics that are good to meet:

  • It is recommended that the vacuum cleaner has a HEPA filter – it is used for better air purification, which provides a healthier living environment. Vacuum cleaners with a HEPA filter capture even the smallest particles of dirt.
  • Higher power – despite difficult-to-see dirt, carpet fibers collect a lot of dirt that is difficult to remove in a vacuum with lower power.
  • Easy manoeuvring – Garbage capacity doesn’t matter, but bet on a model that is more compact. The lighter and easier to operate the vacuum cleaner, the faster and effortless you will be to clean. The better quality models on the market are designed to be flexible in going through any obstacles. This makes cleaning seem like an easy game, you could even outsource to your older children.
  • Colour – this feature is the last, but as more and more people rely on the overall colour gamut of the home, many users are more specific about this requirement. The good thing is that you will hardly find it difficult to find the colour you are looking for because there is an abundance of shades.