What Is The Best Carpet Spot Cleaner Solution

The biggest disaster for a carpet is the spills of bright liquids, animal urine, grease, etc. However, many households do not give up on soft flooring. They invest in this area and rely on reliable cleaners. They are aware of the necessary care and quick action in the event of sudden contamination, seeking only a reliable detergent. With all this in mind, anyone could handle the carpet at home quickly and easily. Manufacturers advise not to forget the deep cleaning, which is recommended to be done at a professional level.

What are the types of carpet stains that cleaners struggle with?

The spots have a different molecular composition and this should be taken into account when treating the tissue. They can be divided into the following groups:

Water spots

Drinks are consumed in every home, especially during hot summer days. If your carpet is “lying” all year on the floor, it is almost certain that it will suffer at some point. Water spots are caused by various spills – coffee, soft drinks, juices, wine, liqueurs and more. Liquid stains include those of soups and broths. Be careful if you have a toddler that you feed on a daily basis – it is advisable to stay away from the carpets since the little rascals tend to push the spoon and spill everything on the floor. To cope with this type of contamination, you must use water-soluble cleaners. You could make solutions with homemade ingredients, but it is not clear what effectiveness you will achieve with them. The most important factors in extracting these heavy soils are the degree of fluid permeation, the type of contamination and the stain stay.


Fat is another type of heavy pollution that is difficult to eliminate if you do not act quickly and properly. Oily spots include oil, grease, oil, olive oil, as well as all fried foods. Be careful when eating at a table under which the carpet is placed. It’s positioning there creates a good atmosphere and a soft path, but its good appearance is at high risk. Keep in mind that direct bonding of fat to the tissue creates a “healthy soldering” which can make it difficult to eliminate the stain. You should always have at hand some reliable cleaner in such cases. Act quickly and be sure to test the solution or mixture on a less imperceptible part of the carpet to prevent tissue damage.

Organic stains

These spots are rarer, but if you have pets and young children, it is not excluded that you may encounter them more often. Organic stains carry difficulty to tolerate odour that is removed. These spots include urine, blood, vomiting. It is extremely unpleasant to notice such a manifestation on the floor, caused by your favourite animals or young children. However, there is nothing else to do but find a way to handle it. It is not in vain to produce pet-friendly cleaning products. They have a much more potent effect and are highly flavoured, though you can also bet on an additional flavouring for greater freshness in the room. Lemon and vinegar are good odour absorbers too, but enzyme cleaners are also capable of extracting microscopic contaminants.


Which are some of the best suggestions for reliable remedies for carpet stains?


Folex Carpet Spot Remover


This is a versatile detergent that is highly preferred by consumers this year. You can find it for £12 for a 32 oz pack. Suitable for use on carpets, upholstery and clothing. It is safe for surfaces to be cleaned because it does not cause discolouration, is non-toxic, easy to use (in a spray bottle), does not leave a sticky effect and does not rinse. The spray can handle dirt and stains of any nature – cosmetics, wine, ink, coffee, grease, pets. It has existed for over 40 years, but its demand has not stopped to this day


Resolve Carpet Spot and Stain Remover


Resolve is always a safe choice when you don’t have the time to search and study the makeup of different brands. It can be said that for the extremely low value of £4 on the market, you will get a fairly reliable remedy for various stains – sauces, fat, wine, lipstick, etc. The brand also offers more expensive options for preparations, which are also among the top offers on the market. The Resolve Carpet Spot and Stain Remover is easy to use, the bottle is in the form of a spray and brings high security for satisfactory results. It’s important to just act fast. Surely this is the most affordable offer that will hygienize the carpet, remove the accumulated dirt, tackle the stains and leave a fresh aroma.


Sunny and Honey Enzyme Cleaner, Pet Stain Remover, and Odor Eliminator


This is one of the best household and dog-friendly pet offers. Pets are capable of great damage. Although some are easily repairable, carpet contamination and upholstery can be fatal. Therefore, you should always have a preparation as a preventative measure. Sunny and Honey Enzyme Cleaner is a solution to this problem. It attacks the most severe urine pollution and vomits, leaving a smell of fresh mint.


Capture Carpet Dry Cleaner


Capture Carpet Dry Cleaner is a product that is used for so-called dry cleaning. It is best at removing stains from liquids, which are also the most common contaminants. The product is priced at £21, but comes in a large package so you can clean it around 400 sq.m. The procedure is simple – you just need to sprinkle dust on the stain, wait a few minutes for it to work and apply a vacuum. It will help you in many cases, as it will not bring in additional moisture on the pad, which can be detrimental to the life of the carpet.


BISSELL Professional Power Shot Oxy Carpet Spot and Stain Remover


For a modest £7 you will get a reusable cleaning product. In addition, you will get a cleaner with proprietary oxygen system technology. The preparation results in excellent results with just the dirt, as well as those with a longer stay. BISSELL Professional Power Shot Oxy will provide you with a clean and well refreshed environment.