What are the differences between conventional carpet cleaning and eco-friendly carpet cleaning?

The most important thing to keep in mind when deciding between conventional carpet cleaning and eco-friendly carpet cleaning is that none of them can easily be labeled better or worse.

Same procedure, different products

Technically speaking, those two services are not even that different – they follow the same pre-defined steps and procedures. Anyway, they differ more significantly for the kinds of cleaning products applied on the surfaces. Simple as it sounds, this little detail makes all the difference – it is the leap between conventional and “eco,” between traditional and sustainable, between impeccably efficient and compromisingly natural.

Different products, different outcomes

So how does employing natural and biodegradable cleaning products affect the service, its parameters, and its outcomes? Here are the main practical distinctions between conventional and eco-friendly carpet cleaning that you need to be aware of before making a decision:

  • The ecological footprint to be left behind is close to zero when it comes to eco-friendly carpet cleaning. The same is not valid for conventional carpet cleaning, though.
  • The time it takes to complete the process also differs between the services. Green carpet cleaning could take up to two times longer to complete. It’s because the gentler microsplitting cleaning solutions need more dwell time on the carpet before achieving satisfactory results.
  • The expected results are definitely more flawless with conventional carpet cleaning. The stronger the chemicals involved, the more satisfying the final outcome, even though not as naturally achieved.
  • The price is not radically different for the two types of services. Yet, eco-friendly carpet cleaning is a bit more expensive because it takes more time and employs more high-priced products.

In addition, eco-friendly carpet cleaning is proven to have excellent health benefits for people with allergies, respiratory and skin conditions. It improves indoor air quality and is ideally suitable for homes with babies, toddlers, and/or senior residents.

Different outcomes, equal relevance

At the end of the day, deciding between the two types of carpet cleaning is a matter of priorities, budget, time, and consumer culture.

Because it’s ok to seek for a flawless result. And it is also ok to put value in zero ecological footprint. Fine Carpet Cleaning is here to readily acknowledge the expectations of every customer – you just need to reach out and ask for it.


Conventional carpet cleaning vs. eco-friendly carpet cleaning 1
Conventional carpet cleaning vs. eco-friendly carpet cleaning

* The price is for a Medium-sized rug. See full pricing table here.


Same procedure, different products
Different products, different outcomes
Different outcomes, equal relevance