When it comes to having your home professionally cleaned, it is not just the floor that needs more care and is difficult to clean on your own. The upholstery of your furniture such as sofas, armchairs, chairs, mattresses and even curtains and cushions can be a challenge for the homeowners, as well as businesses in the hospitality and other industries. We provide individually tailored, low-cost domestic and commercial upholstery cleaning in all London areas and the surroundings.Due to various reasons you would not be able to achieve good results on your own:

difficult to reach areas

stubborn stains and marks

colour fading and shading

the constant exposure to food and moisture in combination with the dust and daily wear

fabrics that are difficult to treat with at-home tools and materials


Depending on the type of upholstery there are two services that we offer our customers:

fabric upholstery cleaning

leather upholstery cleaning


Professional fabric upholstery cleaning

Our professional fabric upholstery cleaning service gives your furniture, curtains and mattresses a new life and extends it. Apart from removing the general dirt, grime, stains, marks, and shading of the upholstery, it refreshes, kills the bacteria, reaches the difficult to reach areas and maintains the brightness of the colours.

At Fine Carpet Cleaning we can clean even the most delicate upholstery, removing all tough stains and maintaining its colours without using abrasive chemicals on it. On the contrary, we are able to achieve high quality professional cleaning results with eco-friendly and effective solutions.

Steam cleaning is an effective and popular method for cleaning fabric upholstery. Due to our powerful equipment, we are able to deliver the results you desire within a fraction of the time and with much shorter drying time.

Delicate fabric is cleaned with dry powder, which is applied carefully as a non-professional can easily damage the surface of the upholstery. Our experienced teams are specially trained and consider all these factors in their approach when choosing a method for cleaning your fabric upholstery.

Professional leather upholstery cleaning

Leather goods are considered higher class due to their durability and luxurious look. Leather furniture is not an exception. It gives a more sophisticated and polished look to every place. However, it is also more expensive than fabric and it should be taken special care of.

Being exposed to daily wear and tear, sunlight, which dries the leather and fades its colour, household chemicals used for cleaning the leather upholstery, even marks stains, which are also possible to appear on the leather upholstery. Light colour leather can be stained with other colours upon rubbing, which often happens when people sit on it often.

Leather upholstery is treated differently from fabric upholstery. It is cleaned with light pet-friendly chemicals and the colour is maintained. Protective residue is formed on the surface of the leather that hydrates it and prevents drying and cracking of the leather overtime.

At the end of the treatment our teams at Fine Carpet Cleaning leave your leather upholstery clean, even in its most difficult to reach areas, soft, polished and protected. All the treated areas and upholstery will not just be cleaner but they will be also sanitised by the super-heated steam that our machines produce. We offer professional fabric upholstery and leather upholstery cleaning services to residential customers as well as businesses and industrial customers at affordable prices and flexible schedule.