Hot water extraction or steam cleaning is a very popular and effective method for deep cleaning and sanitising. It is ecologically friendly and the safest non-toxic human and pet-friendly method for cleaning. Using some of the most powerful equipment in London for hot water extraction, we leave your carpets, mattresses and upholstery almost dry and clean at a fraction of the time. The quality of the results achieved with professional steam cleaning is much higher than the results achieved with a regular steam mop. It is suitable for carpets, rugs, upholstery, and mattresses, depending on their fabrics in residential properties, as well as business and industrial premises.

Professional mattress steam cleaning

Professional mattress steam cleaning is a service with multiple results:

it kills all dust mites that cause problems to people with breathing problems and asthma

it kills the bed bugs and their eggs, which is not possible with an insecticide treatment as the eggs of the bed bugs are resistant to it due to the chemical structure of their shells

it kills the eggs of the moths and prevents a moth infestation from spreading quickly in your property and damaging the fabrics

it kills the bacteria on the mattress

removes any stains, spots and dirt from the surface of the mattress

refreshes and deodorises

Professional carpet and upholstery steam cleaning

Steam cleaning or hot water extraction are the best and easiest way to perform a deep clean on a carpet, rug or upholstery. Apart from deep cleaning the carpets or upholstery, eco steam cleaning has the same pest control properties on them as it does on the mattresses. It will successfully eradicate all bed bugs, carpet beetles, dust mites and bacteria and will leave your carpet, rug or sofa freshly cleaned and pest-free. Even very dirty or infested carpets and pieces of furniture can be easily cleaned and sanitised after a professional carpet steam clean. However, if there is a higher level of infestation you should contact a professional pest control company. Our expert teams are experienced and thoroughly trained in tackling even extremely soiled carpets and stained upholstery, so no matter how bad the situation may be, we can take care of it!