Should You Scotchgard After Carpet Cleaning

Do you want to reduce your costs for professional cleaning, or stop taking risks by applying any method to your carpet? Can you imagine that this is possible? Some households experience the horror of self-treating their precious carpets, while others make a yearly cleaning piggy bank. 


Well, it’s time to get acquainted with an additional service that can provide great protection for your soft flooring. Scotchgard is applied after deep cleaning and is a suitable technique for home, office, commercial use. Manufacturers also provide similar protection for new carpet purchases. Cleaning innovations are all about customer facilitation. Therefore, the different practices do not stop improving for the purpose of extending the life of every accessory, furniture, etc.


What is and when is Scotchgard applied?


The Scotchgard procedure is the treatment of carpet fabrics with an invisible chemical agent that is designed to prevent water stains, grease and any other kind of contamination. There is no way to expect a full guarantee because some of the consistencies are harder to control. However, even the most stubborn spots are not such a threat to the type of carpet, because they do not absorb to the extent that could occur without protection. 


The protective impregnation will give you more security and a guarantee for the good appearance of the accessory and therefore the entire interior of the home. Carrying out such a procedure shows care for one of the most important details in any home – the floor mats. The products used for Scotchgard retain surface contamination. This allows for easy wiping and elimination of many problems – a quick search for specialists to treat the fresh spot, extra costs and waste of free time.


Specialists recommend Scotchgard to their new and potential customers after a thorough cleaning, especially if done on a professional level. Applies when the carpet is still slightly moist. This is the way to “seal” cleanliness and shine for a much longer period. It would also be a good decision to make the purchase itself – this will save the aggravation of the charming accessory from accidentally spilling a cup of coffee or wine, from greasy foods, sauces and more. Keep in mind that this tip is for maximum efficiency, but otherwise, the procedure can be applied at any time. The important thing is to just trust your soft flooring in safe hands – to professionals who know what they are doing and how to do it best. Scotchgard’s poor quality performance will not produce the same positive effect as quality service.


What protection does Scotchgard provide and for what period?


Scotchgard sprays are not as wide in range as the various cleaners. You can find them in some stores in packs of about 400 ml, intended for self-use. However, think of a better solution for your carpet. The professionals are familiar with the methodology and how exactly to apply the protective layer to help you protect your precious item for longer. Keep in mind that the use of Scotchgard is the most popular for soft flooring, but the invisible barrier is also recommended and upholstery of upholstered furniture, textiles, outerwear. It is appropriate to treat many different fabrics – leather, suede, nubuck, viscose and more.


One of the most frequently asked questions among consumers is the duration of the magic action of the spray. You will now be pleasantly surprised because the barrier does a good job for a long time. It is, therefore, worth the procedure to be performed by an expert in the field. 


The better the protection, the longer the action will be. Depending on the traffic, the frequency of pollution and other factors, you will have protected flooring or other items for about 6 months to a year and a half. You can see for yourself that this is an extremely long period in which you will be much more relaxed about the good appearance of the carpets in your home. 


You may need to apply a new protective layer after about 6 months only if you have a large family, if you have small children and pets if the carpet is located in an office or other public area. So despite the relative period, Scotchgard has many advantages. In addition to protecting against dirt and stains, it facilitates homeowners – reducing time and effort for regular maintenance. The air pollution in the room is significantly reduced – the protective layer does not allow the build-up of dust and the development of bacteria. You save significant costs in the long run.




Tips for applying Scotchgard on home rugs on your own.


  • Use the purchased spray to protect only on a new carpet after deep hygiene on a slightly damp pad or on a dry surface (the latter option is recommended at least).
  • Prepare rubber gloves and goggles to avoid accidental contact with skin or eyes.
  • Apply Scotchgard when you are at home – avoid having small children and pets around you that can swallow part of the preparation or get on the carpet.
  • Test how the tissue solution will work – it is best to do it on a final stretch or on an area under furniture, on another invisible part.
  • Read the directions for use carefully – the spray should be shaken and sprayed at a distance of about 20 cm from the surface, sprayed evenly and sequentially – from one end to the other of the carpet.
  • Apply Scotchgard especially on silk, viscose or wool pavements.
  • Drying the carpet is also important – at least 12 hours should not step on it and do not place objects.