When it comes to rug cleaning, a major part of our customers are residential properties, but we also receive many bookings for commercial and industrial rug cleaning services in London and all the surrounding counties. Rugs can give life to property and change the way it looks but they may be difficult to maintain in good condition. Our professionally trained carpet and rug cleaners have the knowledge, skills and expertise to maintain brand new even the most delicate fabrics or refurbish an old rug that you thought could not be cleaned well enough. Depending on the nature of the rug – acrylic or natural fibres, handmade or machine-made, modern or antique, its requirements for cleaning may vary. Most of our competitors use only one method for cleaning of rugs – the steam cleaning (hot water extraction), however, some fibers are susceptible to damage when in contact with water.Our trained and experienced professional rug cleaners perform an assessment of the rugs before beginning any treatment. In certain cases, only a dry compound cleaning would be possible for certain rug types as the hot water extraction would be crucial for their fibers.

The dry powder extraction is used for cleaning finer and more delicate rugs. The rug is vacuum cleaned with a powerful cleaner so that most of the dirt and grimy particles can be extracted. Then the powder is simmered onto the rug and a machine is used for its agitation in the rug fibers. It leaves the rug shinier, refreshed and clean.

Fine carpet cleaning offers bespoke rug cleaning services at affordable prices in London and all the surrounding counties. Our thoroughly trained rug cleaners work with modified carpet cleaning machines that have proven to be more efficient than all professional machines available on the market. This way we are saving time and cutting down the cost of our service, while we do not compromise on quality at the same time. At Fine carpet cleaning, we are always striving to deliver quality service and meet all of your personal and business standards.

Small rug 5 x 4 ft. – 1.5 x 1.2 m. (max. area) £10.00
Medium Rug 8 x 5 ft. – 2.4 x 1.5 m. (max. area) £15.00
Large Rug 12 x 10 ft. – 3.6 x 3 m. (max. area) £25.00
*Minimum charge £59.00


We provide our professional rug cleaning service to:

  • residential customers
  • industrial premises
  • businesses



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