Our Mattress Cleaning London Services in 5 steps

Effectively disinfecting beds require a multi-layered cleaning approach to completely remove odours, stains, allergens, and bed bugs from your mattresses. Here a complete run-down of all the steps performed for cleaning mattresses professionally.

  • 1. Inspection – Once we come to your place, the first step of the cleaning process would be to carry out a thorough inspection. This is to identify any soiling, permanent stains or foreign elements that need to be cleaned out.
  • 2. Applying disinfectant and ecofriendly cleaning solutions – Depending on how dirty your mattress is, disinfectants and ecofriendly cleaning solutions may be used to treat settled stains like urine on your mattress. Washing solutions may be sprayed on problem areas and allowed to soak for 3-5 minutes before the steam cleaning procedure.
  • 3. Steam Cleaning – After applying cleaning treatments, steam cleaning is performed on your mattresses to break up stains, sweat, urine, and other residues that may have accumulated on your mattresses for deeper cleaning. Very hot water is used in a steam cleaning equipment to moisten mattresses and bring out accumulated dirt from within your mattresses. The steam cleaning equipment also has a built-in vacuum to suck out the dirt particles that are loosened up with the steam moisture.
  • 4. Stain Treatment – If there are any remaining stains our cleaning experts will begin the dirt or stain extraction process, using special cleaning chemicals and equipment. All the deeply ingrained dirt and other contaminants will be removed at this stage.
  • 5. Drying – It takes about 5-7 hours for a steam cleaned mattress to dry completely. Make sure to completely dry your mattresses, as damp mattresses are breeding grounds for harmful moulds.

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      Why Do You Need to Clean Your Mattresses?

      You already know about dust mites and other critters in your mattress. Likewise, many mattresses contain sweat, blood, and urine along with mould and mildew.

      Cleaning your mattress is particularly important in humid environments where surface sweat and moisture are unlikely to evaporate after you get out of bed. Also, if you have pets or small children, chances are your mattress has some stains you don’t even know are there.

      Having your mattress cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis may prolong the life of your mattress and decrease symptoms of asthma and viruses.

      How Often Should You Clean Your Mattress?

      Most of us either turn a blind eye to whatever is living in our mattress or fail to give it any thought at all after we remove our sheets and put them in the washing machine.

      The bedding itself should be washed at least once a week to minimize the amount of oil, sweat, skin, and fluids that get into your mattress, while your pillows should be cleaned at least twice a year.

      When it comes to the mattress itself, aim for a minimum of twice a year or once every season.

      Key Benefits

      • 1. It kills all dust mites that cause problems to people with breathing problems and asthma.
      • 2. It kills the bed bugs and their eggs, which is not possible with an insecticide treatment as the eggs of the bed bugs are resistant to it due to the chemical structure of their shells.
      • 3. It kills the eggs of the moths and prevents a moth infestation from spreading quickly in your property and damaging the fabrics.
      • 4. It kills the bacteria on the mattress.
      • 5. Removes any stains, spots and dirt from the surface of the mattress.
      • 6. Refreshes and deodorises.
Upholstery Cleaning FAQ
1. What Does Upholstery Cleaning process Include?
Upholstery Cleaning is for any Soft Furnishing in your Property: Sofas, Armchairs, Mattresses, Dining Chairs, Office Chairs
2. What does Upholstery Cleaning Mean?
Upholstery Cleaning is the cleaning of any Soft Furnishing in your Home. For example, Sofa, Chairs, Curtains Etc. You can find out more information here.
3. Can You Remove Stains?
With years of experience and some of the best equipment in the industry, we have high rates of success at stain removal. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee we will be able to remove every stain, however, we will let you know whether we believe we can get a stain out at quotation.
4. How much does upholstery cleaning cost?
Our Upholstery Cleaning London Service is on Fixed Prices, Sofas, Armchairs, Mattresses, Dining Chairs, Office Chairs. Please check our Price list.
5. How long does the cleaning process take?
The cleaning process depends on how soiled the fabric is and does it need any stain removal treatments. It normally takes from 30 to 60 minutes per three seated sofa.
6. How long does it take for the sofa to get dry?
The approximate time for the upholstery to get dry is 5 to 7 hours.
7. How quickly can I book an appointment for carpet or upholstery cleaning?
We will try to get you an appointment within the next one or two days of contacting us.
8. Do You Have A Cancellation Fee?
Yes, if you Cancel on the Day of the Cleaning you will lose your Deposit.
9. Do I need to pay for Congestion/parking charge?
Yes, The Client is requested to arrange suitable parking space for our vehicles within close proximity of the property and to cover any parking/congestion expenses if applicable.
10. What payment methods do you accept?
We accept debit/credit cards, and cash payment directly to our team.
11. Can you provide me with an invoice?
Yes, We will either Send you a Receipt Via Email
12. Are you qualified?
Yes, we are qualified and fully trained members of  NCCA (National Carpet Cleaners Association) – the UK’s recognised industry qualification
13. Are you insured?
Yes, we are fully insured.
14. What happens if your cleaner damages anything?
We are fully insured and if an accident happens we have full cover.


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Our Reviews

Had an old sofa from the 1960s steam cleaned and it went from smelling like a wet dog to fresh as a daisy.
17:03 25 Jul 18
i am happy how they washed my carpets eventhough stains could not come out because it was there long time.
Yasmin Hussein
Yasmin Hussein
08:04 01 Jul 18
Punctual, professional and reasonable price. Highly recommended.
Naser Mehrabi
Naser Mehrabi
21:44 07 Mar 20
My carpet is brilliant, clean looks like new!I called in the morning to book for the same day and they came in same day. Quickly and efficient ! Really recommend.
Fernando Mendonca
Fernando Mendonca
22:31 19 Sep 19
We have had an excellent experience with Fine Carpet Cleaning London. From the first moment we contacted them right to point of completing the work, this company has been extremely professional, and accommodating. They have also been very honest and professional, explaining from the beginning what could or could not be achieved from the process. Their communication has also been excellent, always timely, professional and efficient. Fine Carpet Cleaning London do a lot more than carpets. They managed to save/rescue our new faux leather sofa (ivory colour) from red wine splashes/spray. I truly thought we would have to buy a new sofa, but fortunately, that will not be necessary. Our sofa is now looking as good as new, although the red wine stains were removed 4 days after the splashes occurred! They also cleaned the carpet in our living room, which also suffered from the red wine incident. Now it looks lovely, nice and clean.We are also very pleased with the gentleman that came to do the work, as he had a very pleasant manner and respectful demeanour.So yes, based on our experience, we would highly recommend the services of this company.
esamiga .
esamiga .
07:44 27 Sep 19
Great company! Professional from beginning to end. Booking was really easy, the guys arrived on time with all the equipment needed to carry out the work. The carpets looked amazing by the time they had finished. Will definitely be using them again.
Colin Burnell
Colin Burnell
10:23 26 Oct 19
Great experience! Fast efficient service, no nonsense pricing, easy to work with and within a 5 minute phone call everything was arranged for the following day. Carpet is a lot more fresher and cleaner - industrial grade carpet cleaning machine used. Highly recommend!
Adil Hussain
Adil Hussain
13:48 09 Nov 19
Brilliant service, prompt time keeping, and friendly team . Fine carpet cleaning did an amazing job they were here on time and the technician advised me fully on what he was going to do and how, and when they finished they left no mess .I would 100% recommend this company to family and friends and will def use them again in 6 months time .
Noreen Manji
Noreen Manji
09:52 17 Nov 19
Fine Carpet Cleaning are the best in the business, they are very professional, knowledgable and always offer the best advice. They provide a 1st class service every single time.
Freshn Up Cleaning
Freshn Up Cleaning
13:13 27 Nov 19
This was the second time I used Fine Carpet cleaning. On both ocassions I found getting a quote and booking an appointment quick and easy. The person who did the cleanning was polite and very efficient with minimal disruption to my home. Very pleased with results including a difficult stain which was removed successfully.
Christine Lemoine
Christine Lemoine
09:09 16 Mar 20
Fantastic! I am really pleased that I researched a little further than going with the initial first company as Fine Carpet Cleaning offered the best price and package. Nicolai who was the service man for the day arrived on time, was very pleasant to have around and did a fantastic job. I am so pleased I went this with company. Also the manager Yavor was extremly helpful and overall, I cannot recommend the company enough.
Dr Sandra Amelie
Dr Sandra Amelie
14:44 08 May 22
I have used this company four times now and each time have been really pleased with their service.Their pricing is very competitive and on occasion when they have had to go over an area twice to achieve perfect results there hasn’t been a surcharge.I will definitely use them again and would recommend them to anyone.
Laraine Good
Laraine Good
09:12 20 Feb 22
Excellent! We were very happy with both the quality of the service and also the value for money. We will definitely be using their services again.
Baljinder kaur
Baljinder kaur
08:03 23 Jun 22
Was okay, the price was decent but unfortunately they couldn’t get 75% of the stains out of my carpet although I’d sent them pictures beforehand, and I had to ask them to go over certain areas and stains they could remove.
Nazia Uddin
Nazia Uddin
16:04 12 Jan 22
Very efficient and friendly. Excellent at keeping the client informed and sticking to the times agreed. Nicky worked very quickly and thoroughly. I was very happy with the result and will be using them again shortly.
Judith Hd
Judith Hd
10:03 07 Dec 21