How To Clean Wool Carpets Yourself

Wool is a natural material preferred by consumers for warm clothing and socks in winter. Wool carpets are one of the most sought after accessories, albeit at a higher price, because many households rely on the most valuable – the warmth and comfort of the home. They also have additional benefits such as insulation, durability and strength, but require much more thorough care and regular cleaning. Keep in mind that the presence of wool carpet in the interior will always give a modern look, but if you do not maintain it well, then its appearance will deteriorate quickly.

What do you get when you buy a wool carpet?

Many want to get a similar accessory in the home but do not know if they can handle it well. You do not have to worry much, just look at what is the most appropriate maintenance and how long it should take. Applying some pre-tests and taking preventative measures can save you thousands of headaches and extend the life of your carpet. It’s important not to bet on improv. Here are the most important advantages of wool carpet over other fabrics:

  • wool carpets are characterized by exceptional durability and strength
  • have insulated function and retain heat
  • High color stability – used natural dyes for their manufacture
  • surface wave repels water
  • wool is a renewable resource
  • The wool is not combustible material, making woollen carpets safer home
  • wool carpet does not get dirty easily and dirt does not show
  • good moisture absorption
  • can make test the authentic kind of carpet and its quality – in touch with real fire wool smells like burnt hair

sinners deceive in cleaning wool carpet

cleaning wool carpet with water is absolutely forbidden 

this, it is advisable not mean that it is absolutely forbidden. Many simply do not know the extent to which they can moisten the carpet and overdo it. In addition, natural fibers (hair type) do not completely exclude the use of water, but it should be dispersed evenly in minimal amounts, which can be done with special machines. Professional equipment boasts high power, which means it will produce the desired high water extraction.

Wet cleaning causes the carpet to shrink

This myth is again the “fruit” of misunderstanding. In fact, what needs to be emphasized is that water can be used to clean woollen carpets, but be as cool or warm as possible. Contact with hot water must not be allowed. You should also be careful with the cleaning solution – do not overdo it, because the wool has a strong moisture-absorbing property.

Wet cleaning causes browning of the carpet

Yes, improper cleaning may cause browning, but not the use of minimal water. The fact is that you have to be extremely precise with wetting the pad, but you could always do the initial test. If there are no problems then you can go to action with the right detergent and some water.


Appropriate Methods for Cleaning Wool Carpets

Cleaning with a Vacuum Cleaner

This is the easiest cleaning possible, but should be done regularly. One of the disadvantages of the wave is that it “scoops up” and the only way to remove these bundles is through vacuum. The annoying thing is that there are some requirements for the vacuum cleaner feature, which means you may need to make another purchase in this direction. It has to be soft-fiber and suction power. 

Before switching on the vacuum cleaner, it is advisable to wash the surface with a soft cloth brush – not always when needed. When applying a vacuum it is very likely that you will notice the emergence of the thread from the fabric. To eliminate them, there is one rule – cut them, not tear them away. 

When buying new rugs, when you are not yet familiar with the maintenance rules, you should be careful. Do not leave the rug on the roll too long before specifying where to place it. You should also apply the vacuum regularly at the beginning. Subsequently, the period may be increased once or twice a week. Vacuum cleaner frequency is individual – it depends mainly on the room traffic.

Washing hand-woven rugs

It is already a much riskier procedure if done alone. It is advisable not to do this task yourself, but to trust professionals in the field (especially if the carpet is relatively new). The reason for this is due to the fact that the wool is made of 100% natural material. This makes it quite delicate and requires special care. 

However, there are reliable methods for those who decide to try their skills:

  • Make a mixture of water and shampoo or liquid soap (put a few drops). It is a safe preparation, but you should be careful with the degree of wetting of the fabric
  • Use a soft brush for application to the surface
  • Pass vacuum (possibly has a powerful action, the plug is soft fibers)
  • a solution of water and vinegar does a good the trick to regaining color brightness – soak a clean cloth with liquid and apply lightly on the surface to freshen the carpet.
  • Here, as with all other types of carpets, the rule for instant action applies. In the event of a spill, respond quickly and without much thought. Sometimes only a uniform sprinkling of warm water can be effective if on time. Other preparations made with environmentally friendly ingredients can be used, but rubbing should be extremely delicate and with circular motions

“Dry cleaning” of woollen carpets 

This type of special cleaning is practised by all professional companies. This is another option to achieve optimal results in carpet cleaning when the fabric does not allow more severe moisture. For all natural materials, dry cleaning is applied – it is proven to be the most sparing method.


The difference with steam cleaning is that the procedure itself uses special powder preparations (dry shampoos), which have many advantages. The experts work only with low alkaline agents, free of bleach, no sticky residue and very high efficiency to achieve the desired results. In addition, top-class machines are used to perform appropriate rotational movements for wool carpets.


Although no steam is coming from the machines, they are of high power. They are able to extract the accumulated dirt, dust particles and stains that are not very stubborn and have a long stay. Hiring a professional company gives you a much greater guarantee of preserving the look of the carpet and restoring its beautiful appearance, just like at the beginning of the purchase.