How To Clean Carpet Dog Poop

Animals are defined as man’s best friends, but let’s not forget that they are not human beings. Homeowners most often choose a dog to raise in their home, at the villa, etc. The breed is important for the possibilities of different major or minor lesions. 


Whether you choose to care for a bulldog or a Pekingese, however, the most common issue is the presence of urine or faeces on the soft floor. This can be detrimental to your beautiful floor accessory as well as dangerous to the health of each family member (due to the possibility of different infections). Therefore, you should take care when collecting the contamination caused by your pet.

Why can dog feces be dangerous to health?

Many doctors welcome pet owners in their home to pay attention. Dog feces and urine pose risks to human health. It is possible to transmit so-called “zoonotic diseases” between animals and humans.

This is possible precisely through the faeces contamination of your loyal friends. No one is immune to such infection. The consequences can be very unpleasant because people with Salmonella, Helicobacter and others have been diagnosed. Keep in mind that dogs are a carrier of many different diseases to humans without them becoming ill.


To prevent this risk, always clean the faeces with protective equipment. Full hygiene is a must, and a follow-up professional is strongly recommended to make you more comfortable about the healthy environment in which the whole family lives. 






10 Simple Steps for Removing Animal Faeces From Your Carpet

Such incidents of your beautiful carpet are not a pleasant sight – the smell is unbearable, but what is left for the one who has the honor of taking care of removing the pet dog’s feces. Well, there is no time to wait – roll up your sleeves, put on your rubber gloves and take action! It is advisable then to call professionals for safe sanitation in your home, but here’s how to deal alone with this problem first:

Step 1: You must know the type of carpet to apply the appropriate method for cleaning fabric

usually clean Steam is the deepest extraction technique for removing any kind of dirt and eliminating odors. You could apply this method in most cases – in the presence of any type of carpet except the wool. It is a delicate matter that requires a more special approach. 

However, this does not mean that the rest of the pads must be wetted too. High humidity is one of the biggest enemies for any carpet, so use water, but with even spray.

Step 2: Get the right equipment and other accessories

What you’ll need is certainly in a much larger volume, as opposed to cleaning with other types of surface contamination or harmless stains:

  • A pair of household rubber gloves
  • Soft brush
  • Nylon bag that you can fasten after collecting floor
  • stains Cardboard or paper
  • pieces White clean towels
  • Oxygen-based bleach – laundry detergent is also appropriate in this case dishwasher
  • Bucket, light or another mixer a little water
  • vinegar a little white vinegar
  • Bread soda
  • Carpet
  • cleaner Vacuum cleaner

Step 3: Remove the hard parts

Usually, the stools are hard and their removal is easier, but if it is diarrhea then things get complicated:

  • whatever kind of is a defeat, start with solid contaminants. Remember the rubber gloves and take a hard card or paper that is easy to collect from the floor,
  • try to pick up as much as possible from the stools,
  • be careful with smudging on the floor and rubbing – you should try not to go beyond the colored brown area and the dirt does not go deep,
  • put everything in the bag and tie it well
  • discard the bag in outer containers to prevent the terrible odor from spreading, no matter how dirty it may be.

Step 4: Apply stain pre-treatment

Soak the stain with a little detergent. It is important to choose effective – with powerful action for stubborn stains. It is recommended that it be oxygen-based, but you can still consult the sellers according to your current problem.

Step 5: Make the cleaning fluid and place it directly on the stain.

Mix laundry detergent with hot but not boiling water. Depending on the contamination, you may need several sprays, to more serious amount of cleaning agent. Leave the humidified area for about 15 – 30 minutes to act.

Step 6: Begin with a more serious cleaning

In order to achieve greater effect, you should rub the affected area with a soft brush that you have already prepared. Before heading directly to the stain, soak it in the prepared washing powder and hot water. Begin to treat carefully – from the outside in, until the stain disappears.

Step 7: Rinse

Throw out the liquid from the bucket and wash it thoroughly. Only fill it with clean water. The purpose is to make the carpet rinse from the detergent used – use clean white towels. The goal is achieved when no soapy water is coming out on the towels.

Step 8: Drying 

You can soak with dry towels or paper to help you dry faster. It also helps with the flow, release of humidifiers and fans. 

Step 9: Eliminate Odors

The thought of having a terrible odor is scary, but there are some basic tricks to dealing with this problem:

  • mix 1: 1 white vinegar and distilled water (if possible)
  • soak the stain and leave it there for a few minutes to absorb odors,
  • then dry with clean paper or microfiber towels.


Step 10: Last trick for more powerful odor elimination

Take baking soda. Apart from vinegar, it is the other ingredient that does a great job of absorbing the bad odor. To do this, sprinkle some baking soda on the stain on the carpet. Leave it on for 24 hours to work. It is important during this time not to allow movement on the beautiful accessory. Other neutralizers that are commercially available may be used, but they are more expensive.