How To Clean A Carpet With Bicarbonate Of Soda

The abundance of carpet cleaning methods is great, but among the most successful techniques are those that use baking soda. The various detergents containing soda can successfully revive the freshness and brightness of the carpet’s colors. This homemade ingredient is cheap and leads to very good disinfection and the elimination of unpleasant odors. The soda is suitable for regular use and for staining.


If you haven’t tried such cleaners before, it’s time!

How to remove colored spots from spills?

These impurities include spills of any kind of liquids that leave an unpleasant hue on the carpet. Most often, these are wine, juice, coffee, tea, beer, and more. To deal successfully with them, follow the instructions in sequence:

  • “powdered spot” – that means plenty sprinkling on it with soda bread to cover it completely
  • Smear peanut slight stain with a small amount of hot water
  • then leave the mixture to work for a few hours. It is recommended even overnight. This method is extremely suitable for late night application before bedtime. The
  • last step requires a precise vacuum on the treated area and then on the entire area of ​​the carpet. You should already be happy with the result – the stain is gone and the shades are saturated and fresher again. In case of dissatisfaction, repeat the same steps again

How to remove greasy stains with bicarbonate of soda?

There is a little more difficulty with cleaning here as the fat is more stubborn. You can probably guess what pollution is involved here – grease, fried foods, oil, olive oil and more. The approach here is a little different, but easy to apply:

  • Initially, pick up a clean cloth or cloth and start carefully picking the grease. However, there is one very important rule – moving it from the inside to the inside, not rubbing and pressing, because the fat will go deeper into the fibers.
  • Then sprinkle the baking soda on the stain again and let it work longer – also for about one night. The purpose is to allow the home cleaner more time to absorb as much of the floor grease as possible in the
  • morning. You can try another trick – apply a little crease on the stain and rub gently.
  • Then moisten a white clean cloth with some water to rinse the soapy carpet. Again, simply smudge, not rub, especially in the surroundings, to avoid smudging or dirt into the depth
  • After doing all this, dry the carpet
  • Then you can sprinkle soda again and apply vacuum in about 3-4 hours for a better result. It is important to remain satisfied with the appearance of the carpet

How to remove the spots from pets?

Pets are part of the family and loved as much as children. However, this does not prevent them from making mischief and smearing. Be prepared that with a dog or cat and carpet in your home, you will certainly need frequent cleaning. Organic animal stains are one of the most serious contaminants as urine and faeces are accompanied by a terrible odor. However, there is a way to handle it:

  • Sprinkle copious amounts of baking soda on the area in which your pets often rest. Leave it on for at least 3-4 hours to overnight.
  • Then go through each corner with a vacuum cleaner – soda has the ability to absorb very unpleasant odors. It should already smell fresh and, if not, you could repeat the process again


Cleaning carpets with a harmless baking soda and other ingredients

If you just want to find an effective preparation to put in the steam cleaner to avoid the harmful There are also options for selling chemicals at the grocery store:

  • Make a solution of soda for bread and water. If the stains are older and more difficult to remove, you could also add liquid soap for even better action. Soapy water is very good for removing fat.
  • Then you can put the solution in the machine you use to clean it.


This is a commonly used method because people are convinced of the action and especially that they are known and completely harmless. . It’s safe for anyone who lives in the room – for adults, children and pets.

Tips for regular care and freshen the carpet

  • regular vacuum is important, but again there are certain requirements – be a diligent bag to be clean and can add a little baking soda for freshness in the room
  • Make periodically sprinkling with baking soda, even if no new spots. This is a routine procedure that has a good effect on improving the air. Once a month is enough, just then you can change the bag of the vacuum cleaner. This carpet care will pay off. They will have a longer service life, and you will always be ready to welcome guests, because the carpets will shine with cleanliness and will not “smell”.
  • The methods of application on the carpets are many, but undoubtedly if you have bread soda in the kitchen, you will always be able to mix some effective preparation. To counteract the smells, a little cinnamon, cloves and other favorite flavors can always be added. They will counteract the unpleasant odors – all at an extremely low cost


Bread soda is one of the most widely used home made ingredients. For carpets, especially when combined with other ingredients, it can work real wonders. Do not neglect the easy ways to clean carpets before resorting to branded detergents, fragrances and more.