Carpet cleaning is one of our specialities. Our professionally trained and insured teams have undergone multiple trainings both in-house and in external organisations, to be able to provide the highest quality services, regardless of how complex a carpet may be – a difficult stain to remove or a fine fabric – they are often part of our job.

The procedure

When a booking is made, the team arrives at the location and carries out a survey to find out the fabric and the condition of the carpet. Assessment of the stains is the next step of the process, which will define the exact cleaning chemicals to be used.

The wear, the fading and the shading of the carpet are the last factors, which are considered during the survey. This assessment will help the team to choose the most suitable method for cleaning and the piece of equipment, which is going to be used for the treatment. Then the treatment will be performed until the desired result is achieved. In case that there is a difference between the maximum effect we can achieve and the customer expectations, we are able to explain the reasons for this until the customer is satisfied.

All our cleaning chemicals are free from adverse effects to the environment and are supplied from an official supplier company for professional cleaning materials. We are committed to protecting the environment and we responsibly recycle our waste with professional waste management companies.

Types of professional carpet cleaning that we offer our customers

Depending on the condition of the carpet, we will perform one of the following types:

preventive cleaning – used when there is light soil on the carpet

corrective cleaning – used for medium to heavy soil on the carpet

salvage cleaning – used in cases of very heavy soil on the carpet

As part of our services for carpet cleaning, we offer our customers the following:

de-browning – removing the shading of the carpets

sanitising, deodorising and odour neutralising – to remove unpleasant odours such as urine, vomit, faeces or any damage resulting from smoke

cleaning of flooded carpets, including the removal of the bacteria causing odour

draught mark removal

The methods we use for professional carpet cleaning are:

hot water extraction (steam cleaning) – powerful and eco-friendly with additional pest control benefits, due to the eradication properties it has on dust mites, moth eggs and bed bugs and their eggs

dry powder cleaning (spreading a biodegradable compound over the carpet and brushing it through it to scrub the fibers) – eco-friendly method for quick and no-drying-time carpet cleaning, which is suitable for large areas or places with low ventilation, where water treatment is not recommended or possible

During the carpet cleaning process you are not required to do anything, as our team will take care of everything. Our friendly carpet cleaners will assist you as much or as little as you may require, striving to deliver cleaning at the highest standards possible and leave every customer happy with the quality and value of the service. Our professional carpet cleaning is available to customers of all backgrounds – residential, business or industrial, with flexible schedules and covering all London areas.