Carpet Cleaning Kills Fleas

Fleas are those little enemies who constantly jump off the street on pets and then back home. They can cause slight irritations to the skin of a person and “settle comfortably” in the carpet fibers, where they create many of their derivatives. The unpleasant thing is that if you do not get rid of them in time, you will get not only fleas, but also larvae and eggs. The adults are fertile and in a few days, egg production begins. If you see such pests in your home, you should act promptly. Be prepared that there may be many in the carpet, but also in many other places in the rooms that you do not suspect. Take action, and if you are unable to handle it yourself, seek professional help.

Methods for Cleaning Flea Carpet

Vacuum Cleanercleaner

    1. Use a vacuum every day for two weeks. Act sequentially – from one end to the other of the carpet. This is the first thing that should come to your mind. The procedure is absolutely harmless, so you do not have to worry about the type of flooring
    2. Use extra vacuum cleaner attachments for more difficult to reach places – wetter, darker areas are preferable to pests. Therefore, the areas under the furniture must not be missed. Additional plugins will facilitate in this task


  • Come out to remove the bag from the vacuum cleaner – emptying garbage should be well tied bag and container far away from your home
  • Take care of bedding pets – logically it is for them to have fleas, as animals are one of the most common carriers. Wash them regularly and dry them well
  • Seek professional help if self-cleaning is not successful in dealing with fleas – experts can help you with good machines and effective steam cleaners for carpets and furniture. The powerful action of all the equipment they use will be a much more reliable method of eliminating pests.


Using chemical, physical and folk remedies to eliminate fleas.


  • Use reliable insecticides – keep in mind that effective insecticides are combating with adult individuals, but you have to look for eggs the other way. Otherwise, the procedure is simple – you have to spray the carpet evenly and wait for it to work. Allow it to dry on the surface. Then do the above method with a vacuum for two weeks. The preparation may be dangerous for pets and children, so keep them away during the insecticide treatment period.
  • Make a flea trap – the goal is to attract small and hard-to-see fleas and then trap them yourself. To do this, you need to prepare a bowl of water and put a few drops of liquid soap inside. Stir the solution and place it against the wall. Do this tonight by leaving the room empty, the door closed and the lamp on. In the morning you will see the result, in the form of drowned fleas in the bowl.
  • Prepare vinegar preparation – vinegar is a product that everyone has at home. The positive is that you can make the preparation right now without any additional financial resources. The effectiveness of the vinegar lies in its odor. A solution of equal parts water and vinegar will kill the pests. Put the solution in a spray bottle – spray evenly and everywhere, especially in the most endangered areas (dark and wet areas and animal mats)
  • Sprinkle the area with salt – this is one of the easiest ways to deal with fleas, but it gives relatively good results. What you are required to do is simply sprinkle the carpet with salt, under the furniture, next to the front door, and next to the pet bed. After leaving the salt on the floor for about 24-48 hours it is time to apply the precision vacuum again.


Professional cleaning Professional

involvement always gives better results than self-acting. They use much more powerful machines and have a variety of preparations for various professional uses. They know what technique to apply to the situation and the type of fabric on the carpet. You could apply some of the above effective methods in the beginning, but you can always rely on the safe hands of experts. They will help you deal with the terrible parasites in your home to live in a clean and comfortable environment, as well as your pets. Specialists have repeatedly faced all kinds of challenges, so they will come in handy to assist you in your case. Just make a request.

What preventive measures can you take against fleas?


  • Check your pets for fleas before you allow them in your home – it is not possible to close them only inside, but outside fleas lurk everywhere. In order not to be transported to your home, you should inspect the animal before leaving the door, also watch for scratching the dog or cat.
  • Bring your dogs frequently – the bathing process in cats is much more complicated, but not in dogs. You have to do it regularly if you are raising a dog because fleas die in the water. This will save the animals from the constant itching and scratching, as well as your home from the obsessive pests.
  • Buy a quality flea cat for flea capture -store sold at every pet. Thanks to the smaller and healthier comb hairs, you will be able to catch the small animal hair bitches.
  • Put on a flea collar – this will give more peace of mind to any dog ​​or cat owner. The collar is placed on the neck of the animal, making sure that it is neither too tight nor too loose. Due to the content of the harmful chemicals contained, fleas will keep your pets off
  • Try flea medicines – go to a nearby veterinary pharmacy and share your problem. Buy effective medicines, but consult your veterinarian about the dose your pet should take.
  • Prepare a spray with water and essential oils – the intolerable smell of fleas is what can drive them away from your home. Spray the fibers with homemade spray to kill adults and stop their production. Essential oils are suitable for lemongrass, lavender, mint, chamomile, rosemary and others. It is also possible to grow them as plants. They have varying degrees of action according to the power of the scent, and some can be used in addition to repelling fleas, making tea, such as essences in the kitchen, as a condiment, etc.