What To Do Before Getting Carpets Cleaned

Deep cleaning is a complex process that requires professional intervention. However, you have an obligation to prepare the terrain for easier task completion and to take care of the subsequent drying of the beautiful flooring. You are probably already wondering what exactly to do and how to do it the right way. Well, business is certainly not new to you, but it is a good idea to have assistants in moving heavier furniture and other items. If it is a matter of cleaning the carpet in the office, have a team building party.

How To Prepare Your Home For A Professional Carpet Cleaning?

Follow the steps carefully to cope with the preparation of the pitch in the carpet area. Properly clean the interior and exterior areas that the cleaning company staff will pass through:

Move your car if you parked it in front of your home – the company you selected will send a team to your address. Sometimes they use large trucks with equipment involved, requiring space for easier positioning. It is most convenient to park in front of your home so that the hoses have easier access to the room where the carpet will be cleaned. Long tools with nozzles are mostly used for larger rugs. But, leave it in the hands of specialists. They know in advance what to expect, so they will come with the right equipment and detergents.

Clear space inside and around the carpet.

It is advisable to clear all obstacles on the way of the technicians,(shoes, toys, and other small objects on the floor) to do not stumble. It is also a good idea to pack away any other fragile items and items of sentimental value so that they do not suffer. You can just take them to a room that will not be cleaned. Lead the team, so that it does not deviate along the path and enter the wrong place, where it accidentally pushes an item of value to you and your family.

Remove anything fragile and keep it in a safe place.

Glass is an easily damaged, non-repairable material. If you have different statuettes, ice figures, glassware, paintings, porcelain objects, etc., be careful with them. Ask someone to help you move them to the next room. Do not overfill your hands, as you may miss them when carrying them in order to cope faster. Technicians are careful not to make any damage to your home, but sometimes it happens in the work process.

Move smaller accessories and lighter furniture.

Remember that the service you pay for does not involve moving objects and clearing the ground. You could take this opportunity, but at an additional cost. Clarify the terms of the deal in advance and consider whether it will be profitable for you. Otherwise, ask family and friends for help moving some items. Usually, this group includes pots and flower beds, shelves, table lamps, stools, folding furniture, chairs, coffee tables, dining tables, etc. The cleaner the area, the easier and more efficient the work.

Cover furniture that is difficult to move.

Keep in mind that some furniture may be damaged when handling the carpet. If they are heavier and more difficult to move, then at least cover them well. Use nylons, sheets, old solid curtains, etc. The technicians are responsible for the damage done, but mainly for cleaning every nook and cranny, so don’t hamper the process. There is a way to simultaneously thoroughly clean and keep the entire interior in good condition.

Protect your corners and walls.

Manoeuvring with long hoses is a great advantage when cleaning upstairs, but going through some stretches can be dangerous to the appearance of your walls. In addition, the corners, stairs and railings are directly affected. Use appropriate safety belts – they are not expensive but easy to install and remove. Remember to get to that important detail early – at least the previous day.

Take care of young children, if any, during cleaning.

Toddlers tend to be very nasty. It is almost certain that they will want to prevent you from preparing the area and arranging it after cleaning. Just be careful not to injure yourself or step on the newly cleaned carpet. If you have the opportunity, it is best to take them to your family, friends or the caretaker for a few hours.

Keep pets in a safe place during the cleaning.

Animals sometimes fear new people or become angry. There is a loud noise when performing the procedure, which is especially frightening for cats. Close them with food and water in a safe and spacious place for several hours. This will prevent them from escaping through the door, swallowing with any detergent or damaging the floor cleaning.

How to prepare the office and other commercial premises for professional deep cleaning of carpets?

Free up more space in front of the vehicle parking lot where the cleaning equipment is stored – the first step is the same as for home cleaning. Create the convenience of technicians instead of wasting their time and obstructing work. Greet them and take them to places where the soft floors are.

Clean the area around and around.

Move all of the company’s prestigious awards, individual interior enhancement accessories and other items available. This is a preventative measure against breaking and damaging some business items. Technicians wear plastic overshoes and are careful with inventory, but their main task is to focus on the performance of cleaning the carpet.

Position the furniture at one end of the room and take the lighter ones out.

You can bring all the office chairs and desks at one end or take them out to the room, to a nearby empty office, etc. Try to free up as much space as possible to achieve shine-clean every corner of the carpet

Take all personal belongings with you.

If the staff is actively involved in clearing the ground and clearing is not included in the service, then they should finally take everything personal with them – bag, glasses, phones, money, outerwear, etc.