What To Clean Car Carpet With

Most drivers have the same look and feel for their car as they do for their own vision. One of the most heavily contaminated areas is undoubtedly the mats. They suffer the most amount of dirt from shoes, from food, spills of coffee, etc. In any case, you should take care of them, because it contributes to a more comfortable driving and lengthening the beautiful appearance of the interior. You need to keep your car as clean as your home.

How to prepare the car for a thorough cleaning?

In addition to periodically cleaning the insoles, you also have to periodically clean them thoroughly. Before moving on to hygiene, prepare your personal or family car for ease:


  • Get your essentials – a spray bottle, rags or towels, effective detergents, brushes with appropriate bristle, soft sponge, compact car vacuum cleaner, steam generator, etc.
  • Clean your car – over time, a lot of unnecessary things accumulate in your car. Inside it becomes messy and complete chaos, similar to the one in the wardrobe. For this purpose, remove everything from the trunk between the seats in the cabin, the rear, the front seats and floor mats on the ground.
  • Turn off the car – it is a preventive measure against the occurrence of an accidental short circuit in entering the cleaners in a car part. Apart from the fact that every function (air conditioner, radio, etc.) must be switched off, switch off the engine and safely remove the key.
  • Remove the mats to clean it outside the car – all mats are easily removed (those in front, the back and the trunk). This will make cleaning easier, more efficient and without having to carry dirt in the passenger compartment. Wipe them out, clean them of major contaminants, and apply vacuum before taking any other step for more serious hygiene
  • Wipe the surface with a wet cloth and then dry it – with this procedure done, detailed cleaning of the upholstery, ceiling and removal of stubborn stains from car mats.


How to successfully deal with car mat cleaning?

All carpets are cleaned in the same way, the only difference being in finding the best treatment for a particular type of fabric. So you’re unlikely to find out anything new if you can handle carpet cleaning at home. Rather, you will be facilitated by the sequence of the most effective bedding hygiene:

    • Do a basic cleaning of the car – especially from food packaging, bottles, disposable cups and more. You probably keep it clean and throw away your trash, but other travelers, and especially if you have small children, tend to make a real splash in the small space.


  • Push down the mats and remove any major dirt by hand – the idea is to not clog the vacuum cleaner and damage it . Sometimes there are many major contaminants, mostly mud in larger quantities, which are easily removable. Use a pair of disposable gloves
  • Apply a vacuum – try to remove the sand and stones in the rugs as best you can. It would be difficult for you to do it by hand since they are too small but need for better cleaning then
  • Go to essential cleaning – use mostly eco-friendly products (home-made or bought from specialist stores). There are a number of methods to help you deal with dirt.
  • Leave windows or doors open after cleaning – a prerequisite for thorough cleaning of the car as well as for the installation of already sanitized bedding. Through ventilation, the upholstery and carpets will dry out faster and the harmful particles will be eliminated if you used harmful chemicals to
  • “Charge” the car with trash bags as a preventative measure in the future – this will make it easier for you to collect and dispose of any rubbish. If there is a bag of back seat passengers will put their waste there


Methods for cleaning pads in the car with home remedies

Refreshment litter

Everyone enjoys a pleasant and fresh scent when I got to drive or ride, especially on a long journey . To maintain this comfort, there are some small and easy tricks you can apply. Here’s how you can refresh the carpets in your car periodically:

Tools needed:

  • 2 cups of baking soda
  • About 10 drops of orange or lemon essential oils
  • About 5 drops of lemongrass essential oil
  • About 5 drops of tea tree oil

How to use:

  • Mix the baking soda with different essential oils – you can make a combination of others of your choice.
  • Moisten the area and let the solution work – at least 2-3 hours
  • “Suck” well with a car or home vacuum cleaner

The idea is to neutralize the essential oils they smell unpleasant smells and bring freshness to the car’s interior.

Bedding Cleaning Method 1:

This widely popular method is inexpensive, reliable and multifunctional. The solution can be used for bedding as well as all upholstery, so keep this in mind when you start cleaning:


Tools needed:

  • 1 cup soda
  • 1 cup vinegar
  • ½ cup of liquid soap

Method of administration:

  • Mix the three ingredients in a spray bottle for more easily and evenly spreading on the field
  • spray bedding with copious amounts and allow to act
  • Rub with a brush in a circular motion
  • Use shampooing – can clean both carpets and upholstery with it

cleaning beddings method 2:

This method is cleaned more stubborn stains such as dried mud and dirt deposited

Necessary ingredients:

  • 3 tablespoons grated soap
  • 2 tbsp borax
  • 10 drops lavender oil
  • 2 cups hot water

Method of administration:

  • Measure the ingredients again and mix them in a bowl
  • The soap should be dissolved and an effective shampoo formed
  • Take a brush with hard hair, dip it in solution and start rubbing on small mats
  • Rinse the area of ​​all pads thoroughly with clean and damp towels
  • Allow them to dry out if the weather is sunny and warm. If not, store them in a dry place