What Is Carpet Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is one of the most effective methods you can take to eliminate surface dirt, debris and stubborn stains. In addition, steam machines disinfect and refresh your home. The good news is that reaching steam at 212 ° F kills mites, fleas, germs and more. This will provide a clean environment and a welcoming home for all family members.

What is steam cleaning?

Steam cleaning is hygienic at a high level and is completely safe for young children, pets, and is recommended for people with asthma and people with dust allergies and more. Professional companies clean this way, but you can handle the process yourself if you have a steam engine.


Steam cleaning is one of the most effective methods of cleaning the entire home. Hot water or hot water with detergent is used, but only in fabrics that tolerate high temperatures. Due to the high degrees reached by the various steam cleaner models, you can extract serious contaminants, dust, parasites, bacteria and other harmful organisms. 

Steps in the steam cleaning processcleaning the

Room preparation

    • Take everything out of the room – especially floor with toys, clothes, home slippers, books, etc. Also, remove fragile items so you don’t push them inadvertently. You can also move small furniture, such as a coffee table, stool, chairs, and shelves outside the room.


  • Wipe the dust off the window frames and sills – just putting a vacuum cleaner in the room is not enough. You need to wipe the dust well, especially on the sills, because in the end everything will blow up (after a vacuum)
  • Apply a vacuum to the entire carpet – this is the most important preparation for a serious cleaning. A prerequisite is that steam cleaners remove dirt but do not protect the hair and more dirt. Go through the entire room with the vacuum cleaner at least twice to ensure that you have achieved the desired result. It is recommended to use additional corner attachments and other hard-to-reach areas.
  • Treat stains, if any – only with a steam cleaner you will not be able to handle stubborn stains. Pre-lubrication and soaking with detergent is required to act and remove the staining. Sometimes a little scrubbing may be necessary with a suitable cleaner – with long stains  


Preparing the steam cleaner


  • Fill the steam cleaner with hot and clean water – it is not impossible to put in cold water as most steam cleaners have a heating system. However, hot water will speed up the process and help you get started faster. Fill the tank to the maximum line so that the water may be so hot as to be before boiling. Just be careful not to burn yourself. Here is the time to pay attention to one note that you should keep in mind. Some carpets (with natural fibers, for example) do not tolerate warm water, so you need to be well aware of the fabric requirements of your carpet before you start cleaning


  • Add a detergent – some steam cleaners work with specific shampoos, so read the manual carefully use. See also exactly where the detergent should be placed – along with the water or a compartment for this purpose. Be careful with the amount so that there is not much foam in the carpet
  • You can add some homemade ingredient instead of detergent – liquid soap free of chemicals and parabens, as well as vinegar, they do a great job if you do not want to use commercially available cleaners with unclear composition. Mix equal parts vinegar and hot water and the machine is ready for operation. Vinegar also helps to eliminate odors.

Steps of Steam Cleaning the Entire Carpet


  • Start with the corners – first clean the end of the room. It is a good idea to start with the angles inside. Then go straight to the wall, leaning against the wall
  • Turn on the loaded machine as directed – it is important to follow the instructions for use of the machine strictly. Typically, the steam cleaners are similar, but each model can have some difference.
  • Clean sequentially – divide the room into sections and start going long lines – from the inside to the door or from one wall to the other. Overlap the front line slightly, starting a new one. It is important not to rub back and forth as you probably do with a vacuum cleaner.
  • Move the machine slowly – steam cleaners run slower because they have more work than vacuum cleaners. So, too, you are moving at a moderate speed, because faster passage will not allow the machine to suck in the water well and will leave serious moisture.
  • Allow the carpet to dry – at least about 12-12 hours to ensure that it is completely dry . You can turn on a chandelier with fan or table fans aimed at the carpet and stream in warm and sunny weather yourself


Benefits of steam cleaning your carpet

Cleaningwith a steam cleaner is easy if you choose a comfortable and easy-to-operate machine. However, achieving high efficiency in soft floor cleaning can be more difficult if there is severe dirt, stains, etc. However, it is definitely worth a try because you will save significant amounts of money for a professional service. The many benefits are:


  • Extending the life of the carpet – the carpet is at serious risk of causing severe damage during high traffic. To ensure longer life (slower wear, lack of discoloration or coloring), hygienise your carpets regularly.
  • Creates good living conditions, especially for young children and pets – most importantly, dust particles and the other impurities are removed much more precisely than the ordinary vacuum. In addition, steam cleaners kill bacteria and germs with water or with added detergent, which makes the game of the floor safe
  • Kills allergens –  people with allergies suffer continuously in the presence of dust, mildew, mana, mites. All of this lives in the carpet, unless you use the right means of eliminating them and refreshing the air. Hot water kills all these pests
  • Rescue to eliminate fleas and bed bugs – both types of small parasites can live long and multiply in the mat of the carpet under the fibers. Sometimes dealing with this is a real nightmare, and fleas bite humans and animals. To get rid of fleas, bed bugs and their eggs at home, apply steam cleaning
  • A reliable method of removing different types of stains – there is almost no option in which steam does not do the job well. With such a machine, acting properly and on time, all stains are easily removable. No need to worry about spilled liquids, fats, sauces, foods, organic stains and more
  • eliminates – Odorboth rugs and carpets and small mats are easily dirty, and bad odors are difficult to remove. The horrible “odor” of mold, mildew, urine, vomiting or otherwise is unbearable to endure. Steam cleaning has an aromatic and refreshing effect, in addition to precise cleaning