The Most Popular Carpet Cleaning Products – Proved To Be Effective

Carpet cleaning products can be very diverse, with different effect and efficiency. In order to make the right choice, you need to have a good knowledge of the fabric of the carpet, to match the colors, etc. It is advisable to choose detergents with minimal or no concentration of chemicals to keep your health and the environment at rest. It is possible to deal with any stains – difficult to remove, old or tangled. 


The most harmless and inexpensive option is to use several homemade ingredients. These include baking soda, vinegar, various flavored oils and more. You will not regret resorting to such a method first, and then you can always test the available products on the market and, as a last resort, hire professionals. 

Types of Detergents that Can Be Used for Carpet Cleaning

The available detergents are plentiful to provide the necessary cleaning agent to anyone in need. It is important to determine the main purpose of your purchase according to the condition of the carpet. There are numerous products specifically designed to combat pet stains, various fragrances, eliminating unpleasant odors, and universal preparations. It is also essential to know the composition of the carpet – the percentage of the fabrics used in the fabrication. 


Cleansers can be summarized in the following groups:

Shampoos and liquid products for wet carpet cleaning

They are the most commonly used and therefore most popular among households in which carpets are located. They have a universal application – for regular hygiene and refreshing, for wet cleaning and removal of some types of stains. They are reliable, but highly unsuitable for low humidity tolerant materials. Otherwise they are in convenient and varied packages – 0.5 liters, 1 liter and in dilution consistencies. You have a wide choice, so choose carefully the best and harmless preparation.

Powders and Dry Detergents

They are mainly aimed at a specific type of cleaning – dry cleaning. They are mainly used for materials that require low humidity. They can also be used for wet cleaning if diluted with water. They also come in a variety of packaging and are available for both home and professional use. Focus on the bargains and be sure to choose those that do not contain harmful chemicals.

Active Foam Cleansers

Their action is as good as other cleansers, but with the difference that foam comes out of the vial. Usually one should always shake well before spraying a contaminated area. Foam is an active substance that is gaining popularity because it cleans carpets easily and quickly. 


Sprays are also popular and easy to use when cleaning carpets. The good thing about them is that each bottle has a nebulizer, which helps to spread it easily and evenly on the stains. Sprays are usually used for a specific area, not for thorough cleaning of the carpet area.

Special cleaners for steam cleaners and vacuum cleaners

They are used for wet or steam cleaning of carpets. They are liquids specially designed for this type of use. They are usually concentrated in different sizes of packaging, which are diluted in the appropriate ratio indicated on the packaging. They are great for a preparation that is put into some types of vacuum cleaners or steam cleaners. There is a wide variety of sprays that are versatile, for stubborn stains, for heavy soiling, for grease and more.

Homemade preparations or special formulas sold commercially?

This perpetual issue has plagued many homeowners looking for an effective, but also inexpensive, option for cleaning their soft accessories. Both have advantages and disadvantages. If you have the time and patience to apply more than one method, you can always try more options. Cleaning with home remedies can be done quickly with available ingredients in the home, but can sometimes cause damage, while available detergents at stores are more expensive, but with specific instructions for use. 


So, there is no universal answer – it is all a matter of personal choice and preference. Keep in mind one important rule – be careful with the whitening agents contained in the preparations. They can lead to discoloration of saturated shades; they are more about white carpets. Do not neglect delicate fabrics as you may ruin them inadvertently. 


If you have strong concerns and do not want to part with the investment made, you better trust a proven specialist in the field. Carpet cleaning is not the easiest task and requires special skills and equipment.

Practical Tips for Better Carpet Maintenance

Anything can be quick, easy and simple if you care more often about soft flooring. If you want to enjoy longer on a shiny carpet, with rich colors and a pleasant aroma, do the following:

  • Be familiar with the type of carpet and its most appropriate treatment – important factors for cleaning are the fabric, colors and what preparations used in your case
  • Try to keep the carpet cleaner for a longer time – it is important where it is positioned. Of course, if you are under the dining table, you cannot stop eating there, but when placed in front of the sofa, you can limit / prohibit eating in front of the TV. This will conserve and upholstery on the couch
  • Perform vacuum frequently – at the beginning of the purchase daily, then at least twice a week, of course, influence the frequency of vacuuming out the traffic in the room
  • Act quickly when stains – get clean rag or cloth and gently wipe to prevent spotting in depth.
  • Careful with delicate fabrics – for example, the wool is specific and does not like high humidity. This means that the room in which the carpet is placed must be low humidity, cleaning also (use powdered preparations and minimal amounts of water)
  • Direct sunlight can be deadly for the colors and appearance of the carpet – exposure to such conditions can lead to fading of beautiful shades
  • Allow the carpet to dry naturally, and you can make over for faster drying – using hot air aimed at the carpet is not recommended in such cases
  • do not use bleaching products on colorful carpets because it will lead to discoloration
  • storage and transportation of the carpet should be done in winding roll placed horizontally
  • Performing deep cleaning is recommended at least once a year, but more often habitability of the room may double . This moment is a big responsibility, so you can trust the professionals