The Best Carpet Cleaning Tips Given From Professional Cleaners

The carpet provides you with comfort, warmth, coziness or a luxurious look to the room, but you have to pay it off. It requires regular and proper care to be in operation for many years, and yet still shiny, with rich colors and soft fibers. Such enjoyment is not to be missed, so you better start exploring the best treatment for it. Consider the type of fabric and the dirt, if any (what they are and how old they are).

The Most Effective Tips for Cleaning Different Carpet Stain Types 

  • If an accidental spill occurs, you should take care of the wet stain immediately. Make sure that you absorb the liquid as much as possible until it has penetrated the depth of the pad. To do this, cover the stain with household paper and start scouring from the outside to the inside. Do not push or rub!
  • For example, you can use bread baking soda to handle stains from beer and red wine. However, remember to respond quickly. Bread soda has an absorbent effect, but also contributes to the restoration of the beautiful colors of the carpet. For better effect, let the soda stay overnight and clean the entire area well with a vacuum cleaner in the morning.
  • The shaving cream is also mentioned in many places as a cleaner for a variety of stains, but is not really effective, so Bet Bet Better on Other Cleaners – Harmless and Eco-friendly
  • Chewing gum is also a common occurrence on the floor if there are children in your home. They are big villains and love originality in white. Of course, chewing gum in a carpet is a classic, but cleaning it can be quick and easy. Just take a few cubes of ice from the freezer or frozen food and wait at least 1-2 minutes. Then use a tool to get out the frozen chewing gum – a spoon will do a good job
  • Removing greasy foods and various fats can be removed with a variety of agents. An effective method is by faith or dishwasher preparation. Then sprinkle with salt for even better effect. It will remove the stain, and this trick is also applicable for removing greasy stains from clothing.
  • Removing wax is possible with the famous iron method. All you need is a newspaper or a towel and an iron that comes with delicate fabrics. When heated and ironed on paper, the wax is glued and removed very easily. Then the beautiful soft flooring will be in perfect condition.
  • Blood stains are unpleasant but common. Any small wound, slight incision or just nose blood can form a stain on the carpet. Their elimination is possible with hydrogen peroxide and other means, but cold water should always be used in the beginning, not warm
  • Urine stains and faeces are some of the most unpleasant and are accompanied by a pungent odor. To get rid of this type of dirt, you must use powerful pet stain cleaners. Avoid the use of toxic substances, but also carefully examine what are the most effective
  • Chocolate, candy and wafer residues form horrible brown spots that you need to deal with immediately. After such a defeat, it is advisable to use a small knife or oil knife to scrape off the contamination as much as possible. You will need more patience here, but you have to exercise it because it depends on the return of the good appearance of the carpet. After scraping brown residues, clean with a detergent, crepe or dishwasher.


The types of stains do not end with the above, but they are common and already tested in almost every home. You will do the trick, just take the necessary steps right away. Carpets are important for the interior and not a small investment, so do your best to protect them as long as possible. Get Started!

Additional carpet cleaning tips 

  • Clean your carpets twice if you have pets and small children. Hire a professional deep cleaning company as well, because they will go deep and hygienize to a much higher degree. No matter how hard you put in, you can’t achieve the same quality of performance.
  • Place your carpet in more strategic locations to reduce unwanted dirt. For example, place it in front of the sofa, not under the dining table in the dining room.
  • Put some bans on your home – do not enter with shoes, do not go out in the yard with home slippers, do not consume food and drink in front of the TV, etc. .n. You can even have your older children take care of a regular vacuum cleaner at least twice a week. This will relieve yourself of some responsibilities and always keep the whole family enjoying a clean home
  • Be careful with humidity when cleaning – the amount of water used should be minimal so as not to cause rot and mold.
  • Clean the carpets deep on warmer days of the year to allow you to stream and turn on fans, humidifiers and others to speed up the drying process
  • If you have the opportunity, always choose professional services for deep annual cleaning. The costs are not small, but if you anticipate them from the beginning of the year you will not feel them. Experts use powerful steam and other types of machines for more delicate materials, act quickly and only with environmentally friendly means. This will result in longer life, a fresh and aromatic rug with rich colors