Stain Protection – Carpet & Upholstery

Everyone strives to look perfect by seeing their image in the mirror. As you look after your vision, so should you keep your home interior clean and inviting. To this end, attention should be paid to the areas where the most pollution is generated. Stains, dust, bacteria, and other pests are most difficult to remove in the upholstery of the furniture and in the soft floor coverings. Do not underestimate their regular cleaning, as well as the subsequent protection that you can provide for your expensive belongings. The most common procedure is Scotchgard, but there are other applicable dry and wet cleaners.

What protections could be applied to beautiful carpets and upholstery?

There is a slight distrust of this type of protection techniques since in fact a single invisible layer is put. However, different agents can bring many benefits to your carpets and upholstery. Even in the manufacture of carpets, such protectors are nowadays used to give greater resistance to spills, grease and surface contamination. Shields are applied after precise cleaning to “seal” the desired appearance.

Protections on the carpet and some types of upholstery can be done in several ways with different types of treatments. They are intended to prevent the ingress of dirt, spills, bacteria and dust particles into the deep. This also means maximizing tissue protection. Protection is of great importance for prolonging the life of your investments, as well as maintaining their authentic welcoming appearance. The different substances can be divided into two main groups:

Retardants – used for dry soiling

They are administered alone without admixture with the second type of substance. This type of “retention agent” contains colloidal quartz, which has the role of filling in various irregularities, cracks, and more, rather than layering dirt in them. Quartz particles help tissues repel dirt by sliding across an invisible surface layer.


They serve to protect against penetration of liquids that lead to staining and damage to the carpet fibres and upholstery of the furniture. This type of repellent provides more powerful protection. It can be said that they are separated into acrylic copolymers and fluorochemicals. Acrylics are especially resistant to spills based on water and have a slightly retardant penetration property. Fluoro protection agents are much more reliable and have a much longer lasting effect. They protect against all kinds of stains – water-based as well as various grease and dry contaminants. 

The Fluoro Chemicals protective layer is able to withstand regular cleaning with various preparations, even when treating the tissues with steam. Most impurities used on carpets and furniture fabrics have a protein composition that makes them durable and highly effective. Scotchgard is one of the most proven fluorine-based methods of protection.

What is Scotchgard?

In the past, there was no way to protect valuables such as beautiful rugs and some fabrics. Today, however, the Scotchgard procedure is a widely popular and preferred method for clients for the protective layer. Why not take this opportunity too? The agents used do not look very impressive, because at first glance they may go wrong with a bottle of water, but in fact, the results afterwards are extremely satisfying. 

Properly applied, they will preserve the brilliant appearance of carpets, which are often at risk of severe contamination of any nature. Scotchgard is suitable for protection against all kinds of spills, grease, bacteria, dust and surface dirt. The procedure pays off, but you will later notice how cost-effective and effective the decision is.

Scotchgard is highly recommended for:

  • High traffic areas.
  • The presence of pets.
  • More delicate materials whose fibres are easily and quickly damaged (especially viscose, silk and wool).
  • If it is impossible for frequent maintenance and others.

What are the biggest benefits of carpet and fabric protection?

Dirt and stain protection.

There is no more unpleasant bad looking carpet with a brightly coloured spot. The fact is, however, that it is quite common, especially when the carpet is positioned under a table that feeds the whole family. The good thing is that there is a way to take care of your expensive interior. Hire a company to deeply clean and perform a protective layer against new contaminants. There is nothing better than creating such a convenience. Following the application of Scotchgard technology, all spilt liquids (even animal urine), grease and lighter contaminants will remain on the surface. Your job is simply to wipe the spill slightly. Don’t worry, because more effective protectors handle proven spots of makeup, grease, olive oil, wine, coffee, juice, etc.

Easy cleaning and maintenance.

One of the most annoying and ungrateful cleaning activities is on the floor and on the soft flooring. Only a few hours later, especially in the case of heavy traffic, there is new and noticeable dirt. In order not to worry about one of your most valuable investments – carpets and furniture, putting on a protective layer is the best solution. It makes cleaning easier and the need for deep hygiene and disinfection less frequent. It also leads to more peace of mind when stains appear because they are easily removable. Some can be eliminated right now, no need to worry about the more stubborn ones. In most cases, Scotchgard does not result in discolouration and serious damage to the fibres of the carpet or the fabric of the sofa, armchair and stools.

Carpet and fabric protection procedures prevent air pollution in your home.

Do not hesitate to do security technology if any family member has health problems – asthma, allergies and more. Clean air is one of the most important factors for a person’s good health, and such protections dramatically reduce the appearance of bacteria, dust, and other contaminants. Even if a vacuum is applied on a daily basis in one room, it cannot be compared to the professional installation of an invisible barrier. In addition to this incredible benefit of clean and fresh air for longer, it is also worth mentioning another important fact. Your more frequent maintenance obligations are reduced as well as the use of harmful chemicals.

The procedure is cost-effective.

You pay for deep cleaning and only then, for a protective layer of your carpets and upholstery of furniture, but you will get a return in the future. This charge brings you less care, more peace of mind, easier cleaning, and provides the whole family with a clean and welcoming environment. The result after cleaning is visible, but the main effect will be noticed later – in the process of maintenance and in case of an accidental spill. Keep in mind that you earn more time for the deep cleaning you need, which is a must-do every year. After Scotchgard, for example, the period can be extended significantly.