Should You Rent a Carper Cleaner Or Hire a Carpet Cleaning Company

Here is the time for another deep cleaning of your soft floors. You probably still have dilemmas – whether to try to clean them yourself this time or to call in professionals again. If you have only used professional help so far, you may not have encountered a difficult task, it may even seem easy. However, the truth is that you are required to hire a machine, obtain quality and harmless detergents, and acquire some additional technical skills. Generally speaking, self-cleaning is a major challenge that poses some risks to your expensive investment. The fact is that the cost of renting a professional cleaning service is not low, but will it turn out to be more cost-effective as a last result? Judge for yourself.


What are the most important factors for choosing to rent a carpet cleaner or hire a professional?


Budget – every household strives to save in some direction


It is normal to consider self-cleaning your carpets if you have other expenses or raise money for rest, training, etc. Budget allocation is sometimes a difficult task, especially if it is rather limited. The fact is that professional cleaning is not among the cheap services, but in most cases, the price is well worth it. Initially, calculate the value of self-cleaning, then make inquiries with several companies. You will notice that there is a difference, but it is not so huge. If you choose self-cleaning, you could take advantage of the furniture hygiene machine, your car upholstery, etc. If you choose to invite experts to your home, then you save yourself thousands of headaches as well as eliminating the option ruining the carpet pad, discolouring it, etc. In most cases, the more expensive option is the more cost-effective solution.

Cleaning efficiency


The difference between self-cleaning and professional cleaning is large. It is not excluded that you can do very well if you hire a quality machine and use the right cleaning products. However, the difference between the equipment is big – the rental machines have lower power and lower moisture extraction, unlike the professional ones. This significantly affects the quality of the cleaning. 

It is also very possible that you will not be able to remove serious dirt, stains and odours. Take a good look at what companies that rent out machinery have. Also, get acquainted with the prices of professional services. Then, it will be easier for you to consider which one is more advantageous to you. Keep in mind that self-cleaning will be difficult and you should be careful not to ruin the mat and fibres of the carpet. It’s not the same as the everyday vacuum you apply


Time and skills


Are you ready to tackle the difficult task of deeply cleaning your soft flooring? What is important is the degree of contamination, how long no major cleaning has been applied, any noticeable stains. Sometimes consumers are mistaken that the use of cleaning machines is elementary. However, some are heavier, less efficient, the attachments cover a smaller area, etc. 


Self-cleaning can be painful and time-consuming for someone who is experimenting with what has been learned from the internet, but does not have the necessary experience. Practical application can make it difficult for you to pay double – for renting a machine and cleaning products, as well as for subsequent professional cleaning. Professionals have a routine and speed that you do not have. They also know what is the best method for the fabric of your carpet


Subsequent cleaning


Prepare to begin major cleaning if you hire a machine. Set aside at least a day or two to do your housework. Deep cleaning is your main task, but after you have scraped, moved furniture, etc. is the right time for extra cleaning. Also, keep in mind the subsequent cleaning of the dirt during the hygiene and refreshment of the soft floor coverings. Usually, this task enters the professional service – the specialists deal with the disposal of the garbage that is collected during the procedure. Don’t overlook this when you get a quote from cleaning companies. All good companies work on this principle


10 reasons to choose a professional carpet cleaning company

Not only is professional cleaning easy, but it also offers greater security. By hiring a specialist, you get a guarantee of good results, environmentally friendly cleaning and treatment of stubborn stains in the most sparing way for carpet fabric. The benefits and reasons for hiring a cleaning company are not small:

  • Save time, effort and eliminate the fear of not being able to achieve the satisfaction you expect
  • You eliminate the risk of carpet damage and the need for new investment
  • Cleaning companies use high-end equipment and cleaning products designed especially for professional use
  • Machines used in professional cleaning are powerful and with much more effective action – their biggest advantage is the removal of stubborn stains and the maximum extraction of water, which is important for the good look of the carpet
  • Specialized machines use water heated between 80-100 degrees. It is adjusted according to the type of carpet – according to its composition
  • Innovative techniques and methods are being implemented to fully achieve the goal – you could not do this brilliantly your self.
  • Professional cleaning is much more effective – deep sanitation is applied to every corner in depth. The more precisely the cleaning procedure is performed, the less often it is necessary to do it – once or twice a year. Home cleaning could not be done to such an extent due to the lack of such machines, preparations and skills.
  • Experts are able to help you eliminate the worst odours from urine, vomit, mould and etc.
  • The cleaning products are eco-friendly, non-allergenic and non-abrasive. They have a pleasant and non-intrusive odour that leave a long freshness in the room.
  • The team that is sent to carry out the process of sanitizing your carpet is tasked with cleaning everything behind.