Interesting Facts About Carpets

When buying rugs for your home, were you barely aware of the most important facts about them? How important is it to know the type of matter, how to treat it, how to deal with confused situations, etc.? It turns out that you need to become a half expert if you decide to handle the costly investment yourself. Well, if so, get ready for a lot of work and pay attention to every detail!

Interesting facts about carpets that will be useful for everyone!

Where did the word carpet come from?

The word “carpet” is derived from the Latin “carpere”, which literally means “to pluck”. This is also the reason that all old-fashioned workmanship is made of scraped or untwisted fabrics. Today, diversity is much greater, but delicacy and care must be greater. Be careful with soft but long fibers that can turn into a great home or a delicious snack for many insect pests.

Lack of carpet preservation causes wear and tear on soft flooring

Excessive dirt (excessive stains that do not clean) , stepping on shoes, the penetration of sand and mud, and others) lead to rapid wear and need for new investment. The more superficial you are to your flooring, the greater the need for regular maintenance and deep hygiene, and these are associated with effort, time and considerable expense. The first thing you can do to prevent the carpet from deteriorating is by not walking with dirty shoes on it or with home slippers with which you go out into the yard.

It is advisable to set aside an annual budget for deep cleaning

This is advice that experts do not mention, because it is really important. While it is not excluded that you can tackle this difficult task yourself, it is strongly recommended that the procedure be performed by professionals in order to maximize its impact. Trained specialists can do best because they know the most appropriate treatment for the fabric of the fabric, use powerful, professional cleaning products and machines. It is recommended that deep hygiene is done at least once or twice a year according to the degree of contamination and traffic in the room.

You can be sure of the quality and origin of the carpet by checking its reverse side

Carpet manufacturing professionals reveal the secret to establishing the origin and quality of the carpet. In order not to be enticed by the high price but the low value, turn the back of the carpet. There are labels and other indications that will give you origin, the quality of the wave, for example, and the dyes used in the drawing.

Selling vacuum cleaners was a difficult task at the beginning of their market launch.

Probably this fact sounds strange to you, given today’s huge need for a vacuum cleaner. However, this is true, and it is because people simply did not believe that they needed such a device. No one believed the amount of dust and other contaminants that could be collected in the carpet and how easily they could be removed with a vacuum cleaner. 

Just a year can collect a lot of dirt in the carpet

The truth is that about a few pounds of dust, mud and other contaminants can be stored in a year if you do not take care of your soft flooring. It’s more than crazy, but it’s a fact! This is why you have become convinced why care is so important to the type and duration of operation of the carpet.

There are many parasites in the carpets

Many bacteria that are harmful to human health and disease carriers can be stored deep within the fibers for quite a long time. Are able to live at least four weeks and to transfer many germs everywhere, and unfortunately even invisible to the naked eye

Tips for proper maintenance of carpets


strictly follow those rules, you will enjoy beautiful appearance and longer use of carpets in at home:

  • Clean the carpet at least once or twice a week with a vacuum cleaner to eliminate any accumulated dust
  • Make a vacuum across the width of the carpet
  • Always obey the vacuum rule – start with a cleaning from this point, even if there is a stain to rub you have to deal with it later
  • If stubborn stains appear on the carpet, you should act quickly and use the right detergents.
  • You can periodically refresh the carpet using ordinary baking soda.
  • Always try the cleaners you will use – especially if purchased from store and contain chemicals
  • When drying the carpet should not be placed near the stove and other appliances, and be exposed to direct sunlight because it may harm


Here are more tips for specific types h defiled, which are the most common:


  • stains of red wine – use of white wine or preparation of equal amounts of white vinegar and water
  • spots from alcoholic beverages (except wine) – must first be rinsed with cold water, then uses sodium glycerin and water detergent and finally rinsed with equal parts water and vinegar
  • Stains caused by shoe dye – first treat the stain with alcohol and then clean with a suitable stain


    • Chocolate, caramel or sweet spots –  fill with some lukewarm water in Fig a bowl and add 5% ammonia and wipe with a clean paper or cloth
    • blobs of fruit and food – smear them with lukewarm water
    • candles or paraffin spots – try the famous method of iron – start ironing as you have previously placed the paper directly on the stain. This is a good method for peeling paraffin from the floor, and then you can use the detergent of your choice.


  • Muddy spots – do not step on the carpet if there is wet mud. After drying, gently vacuum clean


    • Coffee Stain- wipe with thefirst clean the stain with cold water. Then apply a solution made of equal parts alcohol and white wine
    • Coca Cola stains – can be cleaned quickly and easily with warm water and carpet cleaner available
    • Blood stain – remember one important thing correctly – never clean with hot water. Use cool water for fresh stains, and for longer stays use a more powerful detergent


  • Stains from hair dye – make a solution of hydrogen peroxide 3% and ammonia, but here the technique is applicable only to white fabrics, because otherwise it will cause discoloration