How To Keep Carpet Clean When Painting

A few fine touches could give a very different and fresh look to your home, so don’t hesitate. You may be worried about protecting your valuables. You do not know if you will successfully manage the protection of carpets, furniture, fragile objects and more. You have to adhere to some basic rules and you will be able to handle it perfectly – to begin clearing the floor to have free space for creativity. When colouring different rooms brighter, be more concentrated and do not rush into the painting process.


Rules for the preparation and painting of rooms with carpets


The key to safeguarding beautiful white and colourful carpets lies mostly in the proper preparation of the room. If you want to handle yourself as a professional, then follow the basic rules of any good painter:


Buy the right amount of paint according to the size of the room


Do not make unreasonable financial costs, but simply measure the total area of ​​the room using a tape measure for this purpose. The overall surface area becomes clear once you know the length of each wall. This will allow you to more accurately allocate the budget for the type and color shade.


Equip yourself with additional aids in the painting process


Some supplies are extremely important for good painting and for keeping your property in good shape. If you do not want to have different stains or spills after the painting, then you need to get old sheets, dense curtains or some other kind of cover. Also towels, kitchen paper rolls, tape about 5 cm wide to adhere to some endangered areas, small and flat screwdriver, roller, brushes, bucket.


Be prepared to cover the ends of the carpet closest to the wall


This is mostly the soft flooring that is located all over the floor. Smaller decorative rugs can be removed from the room alone or with the help of someone else if they are heavier. Begin by pasting the end of the carpet with the available band – about 30 cm wide. It should be firmly glued. Then prepare the foil or other plastic elements according to the lengths of the walls (you already have their measurements). They must be glued again so that they do not move and no area remains visible.


Cover the entire carpet


After completing the more difficult task, it is the turn to cover the middle of the floor. Measure the area again and use a dust sheet to cover it. If you don’t have big enough pieces, you can put them together in several places. Now you must have done perfectly in protecting your carpet from unwanted smudging.


Take care of the wall sockets


Cover the edges with masking tape to protect it or remove the beautiful lids with a screwdriver. This is the better option. There is one important detail here – if you have selected these accessories in a synchronous or identical model, then you should use the tag for some type of designation. Do this on the back of each lid removed. This will make it easier to reinstall them.


Start painting – start from the edges of the walls – this is the harder part


Be careful when passing around corners, at the top of the walls bordering the ceiling, below, and all the other holes. It would be easier for you here if you use a thin brush. Once you have handled these slower painting sections, it is time to roll the remaining large area with a roller. In order to obtain a uniform layer, you must move sequentially with the roller, melt and drain it well and not press, but allow it to move freely. Just hold it and go from one end to the other. For stronger and denser colour, repeat the procedure once more.


Allow the paint to dry


After waiting for the paint to dry for at least 24 hours, you may remove the masking tape that has covered the surface. Remove the straps, large nylons, attach the power switch covers, sockets, etc. Keep in mind that the warmer the weather, the faster the walls will dry.


It’s time to enjoy your freshened home and tidy everything up


Once you’ve cleared the carpet, it’s time to bring it back. Now is the time to rearrange and update some items, accessories, and more. Create that interior you’ve been putting off over the years. Enjoy your old home, but with a refreshed look.


How to handle accidental spills from different types of paint on your carpet?


Spills of different types of paint carry great damage if you do not deal quickly with the problem. React Instantly – Try to soak up the dye as much as possible without rubbing it as it will soak deeper into the fabric. To avoid getting an unpleasant colour stain on your expensive item, try the following cleaners (first in imperceptible areas to make sure they do not discolour and damage the fabric):

  • Latex – latex is a very preferred type of paint and is often used to paint rooms in the home. To handle the latex spill, make a 1: 1 solution of a glass of warm water and 1 tsp. detergent with a minimum content of harmful substances
  • Water-based paint – be careful with this type of paint because it is more liquid. This means that it is very easy to move and cover a large area of the ​​carpet. For cleaning, you can use completely harmless vinegar and water, but in small doses. Rinse the area again with clean water
  • Acrylic paint – soak up spilt paint lightly with a sponge. Apply glycerin to the stain. Once dry, remove it as much as possible, then use a detergent – water and a suitable detergent. This is the cheapest and harmless method, but in the case of more serious pollution, you need to find another solution
  • Oil paint – it penetrates strongly and the stains are very difficult to remove. The use of alcohol or turpentine will assist you in combating wet and dry spots of oil paint. Different alcohol concentrates can also do a good job. After using the product of your choice, again wash the carpet with clean water and cleaner

The truth is that every spot of paint is a great challenge for anyone who chooses to fight it. The fact is, however, that many home cleaners lead to a good result. It’s just important not to panic with heavy spills, and in no case leave the stains behind because it will be much harder to remove them.