How To Keep Carpet Clean When Moving Out

When you are not investing in your own home, the likelihood of a home change is very high and may not be one-off. The process is slow, slow, and requires a lot of effort – until the contractual relationship with the current landlord is completed. It is to your advantage to be friendly and without any hassle, but to do this you must do your best – the most important thing is to leave the home shining clean and without any serious damage. One of the biggest challenges in cleaning is the kitchen as well as the soft flooring, especially if they are heavily soiled.

How do I store my carpet look while moving?

Collection of all things and subsequent cleaning is associated with the disposal of any rubbish, the presence of dust particles and the need for reliable cleaners. It is advisable to call for helpers if you wish, because you will certainly have a lot of work to do. You should leave each nook as you found it when applied. Keep in mind that most landlords hire a professional crew before handing over their property, so you should achieve a similar result when leaving. Apply the following precautions to avoid damaging the carpet just before moving out:


  • Cover or glue the carpet well – this should be the first thing that comes to your mind when you decide to start a major cleaning. Use foil, nylons, large sheets and other covers. It is very important that each section is hidden. It is most advisable to glue the protections in some way so that you do not stumble when you move on it.
  • Wear overshoes – it is not in vain that professional cleaning teams arrive at a site wearing calzones. Get a few pairs – they are cheap and great for single use. This will make it easier for you as you will not have to constantly shoe and take off your shoes. This will make sure you have the best possible way of removing some personal belongings and moving them to a van that will take them to your new home. However, the carpet may only need a vacuum if you have maintained it sufficiently well during the occupancy of the apartment.


    • Put plywood or other similar material when moving different appliances – Too heavy appliances can be a serious challenge if they are personal. and you have to take them with you. In such cases, you will need helpers and precautions against damage to some surfaces. Instead of dragging, it is better to look for other options. Using plywood is a great solution for softening bumps if they occur when accidentally dropping any household appliance.


  • Do not step on carpets – surround soft floors if smaller. This will reduce the chance of patting them with dirty shoes or dirty slippers. Be careful not to pollute them in the last days of your stay at this home. Keep this important aspect in mind because carpets are still your responsibility. You must take care of them by the time you settle your contractual relationship with the owner. Keep in mind that soft flooring always goes through a major inspection – it can hold you up for a deposit in the event of mild or more serious dirt
  • Remove the carpet from the floor when you begin luggage collection and last cleaning – many floor accessories serve only for accent in one room. If the carpet in the home is of compact size, then roll it up and roll it in a suitable place where it is not at risk of damage. However, be careful how long you keep it there, as it is likely to deform. Take it to the closet or some other place only while you collect your luggage and clean the rest – for a few days


Why should the carpet be perfectly cleaned before vacating the rental home?

You will receive your entire deposit back

This is the most important reason why it is worth cleaning your rental home to shine. One of the most common deductions when moving is precisely because of the poor appearance of the carpet, which is a consequence of your stay. So be very careful when it comes to cleaning your carpet. Leave the accessories last and call a professional if you have the financial opportunity.

You will part in a good deal with the landlord

The better words you end your contractual relationship with the landlord, the better for you. One must always be loyal and perform his duties strictly in every aspect. This involves the care and protection of the property in the rental home. If you have lived for many years in the respective neighbourhood and apartment, then leave a good impression in the last days, especially if you have not had any problems with the owner.

You will receive positive recommendations from the owner as a tenant

When renting a new home, your potential landlord will again do serious research for you. Do not doubt that he will contact your former landlords to find out what kind of tenant you are. It is important whether you are noisy, whether anyone has any other complaints about you, and whether you have properly taken care of the good look of the home. Rest assured that no one will save you the praise, but also the negatives with which they remember you.

Self-cleaning the carpet when leaving home to rent or hire a professional company

There could be no comparison between the two types of cleaning. No, because you are not skilled and unwilling. You just don’t have the skills you need, you don’t have such powerful dirt and moisture extraction machines, and it’s hard to get eco-friendly cleaning products. Think about what’s more important to you. Return your deposit and the owner to look “with good eyes” on you as a landlord, or you are ready to claim the initial deduction in case of damage to the home. When hiring experts, cleaning will be much more precise and more efficient. Specialists will also do the impossible to provide you with full assistance for the cleanliness and freshness of the apartment you are moving from. The advantages of professional cleaning are not a few:

  • You get guarantee reliable results
  • will get back your deposit, unless you have caused great damage of another kind
  • will use their days off to move to the new location, while professionals cater to the precise sanitation
  • No need buying multiple detergents for different purposes
  • You will avoid the risk of mistreatment of the fabric on the carpet
  • You do not need to engage family and friends for cleaning and more