How To Deep Clean a Carpet And What Is Deep Cleaning

Carpets are a sign of attitude towards the home, talk a lot about the taste of the owner, betray the class and wealth. Many people do not resort to such a purchase, not because of the initial investment, but because of the lack of willingness to apply regular maintenance. Others are great enthusiasts and are ready for any care to preserve the beautiful shades and good condition of the carpet. 


The design and look of the carpet can help you interpret what you like and what your habits are. Do not neglect your dear thing no matter how long you use it – do the best for the carpet, and it includes regular hygiene and deep cleaning for at least six months.

What is deep cleaning?

Deep cleansing is a detailed process where hygiene goes through another step. Powerful machines and various methods are used for complete disinfection, removal of all light and persistent contaminants, removal of dust particles, bacteria and others. And last but not least, bringing freshness into the room. There are several types of deep cleaning:


  • Hot steam cleaning – the surface is treated with hot water to extract dirt in depth. A special solution is added to the container of the machine being used for even better results
  • Deep cleaning with cold water – the procedure is identical, except that the water is cold and not hot
  • “Dry cleaning” – some tissues do not tolerate penetration humidity and make their appearance worse. For them the so-called. “Dry cleaning”. It is also very effective, but the method uses dry shampoos and a special rotary motion machine to extract any light and heavy contamination.



If you decide to tackle the difficult task of deep hygiene in your carpet, you must choose the right one. machine (according to the type of fabric) and eco-friendly cleaners (you can prepare it yourself with homemade ingredients). However, keep in mind that you are unlikely to achieve amazing results. Experts are much better because they have the necessary skills and experience. They know what is the best way to treat any tissue, and they use the right cleaning products, machines and other equipment.

Why does your carpet need deep cleaning immediately?


  • It has not been cleaned for too long – experts recommend a deep cleaning of 12-18 months, but this period is relative. You should not delay so long if there is high traffic in your home. Especially if you care for pets and have young children
  • Regular cleaning is very superficial – however precise you can be with a vacuum cleaner, the vacuum cannot contribute to the effect of professional deep cleaning or hiring a good steam cleaner. Using the right machine, hot water and detergent do much better.
  • Deep cleaning restores the original look of your carpet – if you want to keep your fluffy accessory and its saturated colours good, you should apply a deep cleaning for about half a year. Sanitation contributes to the return of the original appearance of soft flooring and preserve the best kind for much longer.
  • removes any impurities that harm health (particulate matter, bacteria, mites) – surface impurities are inconspicuous, but actually hurting health man. Caring for fresh air in the home is very important. Keep in mind that in the presence of asthmatics or people with allergies in the family, the carpet should be cleaned even more frequently. It accommodates the most harmful dust particles and other pests.


Stages for deep cleaning of carpets.

Stage 1: Preparation of the terrain

Make the necessary displacement to fully discover the area on the carpet, remove smaller and fragile items and tidy up the room. It is important for the deep cleaning that the whole carpet is clean – it is not cluttered with furniture. It is advisable not to have many things around that can be accidentally injured. Preparation is an important step that should not be overlooked because precision cleaning depends on it.

After you have done well with the cleaning, go to vacuum. Go over the entire surface, trying to pick up as much dirt as possible to make it easier to move on.

Step 2: Pre-treatment

This procedure is performed to loosen the spots on your carpet. Use a precursor directly on the stain. Use a suitable spray formula. Spray the entire area evenly and not excessively and wait for it to work. The professionals work in the same scheme but with specially developed agents for professional use. Otherwise, users are advised not to skip this step in any way, as it gives very good cleaning results afterwards.

Step 3: Preparing the Machine

It is important that each part is assembled correctly. Then fill the tank of the steam cleaner with warm but not boiling water. It can also be used cold, but hygiene efficiency is not so great. Add the selected cleaning agent as well – follow the package directions exactly (as needed). When handling the fluid assembly and filling yourself, make sure that the tank is well closed. Excessive amounts may leak onto the carpet, and high humidity is detrimental to the beautiful accessory.

Step 4: Cleaning

Turn on the machine and start cleaning. Hiking along the surface there are some important conditions:

  • Start at one end – possibly from the one that is farthest from the door
  • A clean succession of small strips
  • Treat precise area to not have to go back a second time to step on already wet carpet
  • Clean the brushes of the machine regularly because it is expected to collect a lot of dirt on them

Stage 5: Rinsing

This step is optional, but highly recommended by experts. The last rinse is done with the machine, with only hot water (no detergent) in the tank. This will contribute to the carpet’s brilliance and complete hygiene. Repeating the procedure will ensure you get the best dirt out of the floor. 

Stage 6: Drying

You probably already enjoy the incredible view – if you have achieved true perfection in cleaning the carpet and making it look like new. It is now important to wait for it to dry completely before stepping on it again. 


Well, congratulations – you have been successful in this difficult challenge!