How To Clean Tough Carpet Stains

Stubborn dirt can be attributed to many spills and other organic and greasy spots. If your carpet is white or in too light shades, then the cleaning challenge increases twice. If you want to deal with the whole affliction yourself, then you need to have reliable cleaners and some skills. If you are able to rent a steam cleaner, things will get even easier. The important thing is to act quickly and not to panic because it can help to cause even more damage to your precious item. 

General tips for action on different types of stubborn stains on carpets

Each type of stain can be treated as difficult to remove, and its elimination depends on some major factors – the fabric of the carpet, its color, the type and texture of the stain, the time it has stayed and etc. The most important thing is to act quickly:

  • When an accidental spill occurs, take the necessary steps immediately. Educate the rest of the family. The more freshly the stain is treated, the more likely it is to handle the brilliance.
  • If the spill belongs to the more dense and hard stubborn stains (different types of paint, nail polish, wax), scratch as much as possible with the help of a spatula, spoon or blunt knife. Continuously wipe the collected dirt in a clean cloth. Under no circumstances should rubbing and rubbing on the floor. Then immediately switch to an effective method for cleaning carpets
  • If the spill is completely liquid – juice, coffee, wine, then immediately tear it away from kitchen paper or take napkins to cover the stain. The paper will absorb as much as possible the spill from the carpet. Then you can trust a professional, try some home remedy, or buy one from a nearby store (or a specialist retailer)

How to handle some of the heaviest stains at home?

Blots of red wine

Cleaning with white wine

As strange as it sounds, the effect is very good. For this, get cheaper white wine, you can use some open in the fridge. Pour a small amount over the red stain and wait a few minutes. Then rinse with soapy water and soak the area with a cotton cloth. This method has been tried and tested and works.

White Tissue Wine

  • Removal Old stain remover can be done effectively with the following recipe – 1 cc 5% ammonia solution, 50 cc distilled water and 10 cc 95% alcohol.  You need more sponge to irrigate the stain.
  • Another versatile recipe includes baking soda solution, 1 tbsp dishwashing liquid, 1 tbsp white vinegar and 2 cups water. All this is mixed in a spray bottle, shaken and sprayed evenly on the stain.




  • stains with a dishwasher – only 1 tsp. verse and water at room temperature (neither hot nor icy). It is applied directly to the blood stain. You should be careful to be only in the area of ​​the stain, not to bring it to a larger area.
  • Cleaning blood with ammonia – the solution is ½ cup water (at room temperature) and 1 tsp ammonia. Then spray with spray on the stain. It has to wait for it to work, wipe itself and rinse. The


possibilities here do not end with these two methods since blood is a pretty serious organic stain, which is a great challenge for many. Other ingredients that can be used for home remedies are hydrogen peroxide, starch, salt, etc. It is important that whatever method you apply is to test its effect on the tissue – in a very small area.

Cleaning pet

stains mainly include urine and vomiting. In the beginning, you need to be prepared that it will take some time to get used to some of your primary habits and good discipline, which implies many defeats. It is advisable that you do not reach the beautiful soft flooring in the places they live in.

However, in such undesirable situations, your soda and vinegar will be your true friend. The incorporation of these ingredients into any preparation will produce good results for the elimination of contaminants – and in particular for the elimination of the unbearable odor. Otherwise, there are many options for home cleaners, so you have a great choice.

Cleansing greasy stains

Fats of any kind (oil, olive oil, grease, oily and fried foods) are quite difficult to remove if they fall on your carpet. Note that you may need to apply several methods to remove them, as well as more than once:

  • Cleaning with alcohol – use medical alcohol. You just need to spread it on the stain and let it work for at least a few hours.
  • With a shaving cream – take the men’s shaving accessories and apply copious amounts on the stain. Leave it on for a few minutes and wipe the area with a clean cloth. Apply it one more time and wait longer if the result is not satisfactory
  • Soda, baby powder or talc – these three ingredients do a great job in case you need to clean oily stains. They are capable of absorbing a large amount of grease.


Cleaning the ink stain.

You may already have encountered a similar problem, and may not be off and on. The truth is that there are several effective cleaning methods that can be applied very easily:

  • Alcohol or lacquer cleaning –  look at the bar in your home or refrigerator – any type of hard alcohol can be used. Then you “soak” a clean cloth and rub it on the stain. The situation with the varnish cleaner is identical. Be careful only with the dyes and the fabric – do a preliminary test
  • Hot milk – there is probably always fresh milk in your fridge, so this method will not be difficult for you. After pouring some hot milk on the stain, use a brush and treat with circular motions

How to keep the carpet looking beautiful for longer?

    • Use vacuum regularly – at high traffic daily, at lower traffic once, twice a week


  • Apply deep cleaning (if possible professionally) at least every 12-18 months – the period is also indicative and depends on the occupancy of the room, the type of carpet, whether there are young children and pets, what regular maintenance do you apply, etc.
  • Act on Spills of Any Nature InstantlySpill-
  • UseProtecting Carpets – You Can Do It Alone, But It Will Not Be As Effective as the Scotchgard Procedure by Experts Deploy your
  • carpets in more strategic places – you  probably want to is located under the table in the dining room, but it is where carpets are most at risk of accidental spills and many other contaminants. The most preserved carpets are placed in the bedrooms, perhaps in front of the sofa, if food is not consumed continuously.