How To Clean Red Wine Out Of Carpet

Red wine is the best drink in the winter, especially when combined with delicious food or a plate of cheeses. Almost every hostess breaks a glass of wine in the evening, which automatically threatens the beautiful carpets of spills. The most dangerous thing is when they “bang” children near beautiful glass glasses. If you are in the same situation but do not want to be deprived of the pleasure that your drink provides, then it is best to position the carpet at the other end of the room. 


How to deal with accidental spillage of red wine on the carpet?

Each stain when it comes to carpet imprints is a great challenge for a household. There is hardly anyone who can accept to part with their dear thing. This is not necessary, but for this you need to observe some basic rules:

  • Act quickly but without panic
  • Take clean towels or paper and gently drink the red spill – the procedure is always done from the outside inwards to eliminate the possibility of spreading the colored area in a larger area
  • Never rub with a cloth, brush or other means, initially, because the spill will get deeper and the stain will be harder to
  • rinse. Rinse with clean water, then re-soak the liquid to stay fresh Lowest humidity

These are the most important steps that should be followed in any case when bottling wine on the floor. You just don’t have to postpone the action until later because you probably won’t get things done with home cleaning, and you’ll have to pay a higher amount for professional pollution removal. 

Methods for Removing Red Wine Spots on the Carpet

Cleaning with White Wine

It may seem ridiculous that you expect to pour white wine on red and the stain will disappear, but practice shows that this technique does a great job. After you have done all of the above, take the remaining white wine from the refrigerator or open the bottle. Pour a small amount directly onto the dirt. When the two consistencies are mixed, the expected miracle will happen – the stain will disappear. 

After the white wine has settled for a while, you should prepare soapy water to rinse the area. If the Wow effect has not been achieved so far, the expected results should be achieved after treatment with the soap solution and a cotton cloth. However, if you have used the white wine in vain, you can move on to another trick, or just repeat it again.

Cleaning with fresh milk

Cleaning with fresh milk is more than elementary, and it is unlikely that the method will make it difficult for you. Probably the dairy product is always present in your fridge, using it as a supplement to coffee or for a delicious and healthy breakfast. Although not widely popular as a cleanser, fresh milk is one of the most effective “cleansers” for red wine stains, especially with spills that have just occurred. 

You may know for yourself what the procedure is like – it’s about first absorbing the liquid with a napkin and “pouring” fresh milk onto the stain. The goal is to put in an amount that can absorb the fabric but not soak the pad. After waiting for about an hour – rinse the area with clean water and allow the carpet to dry.

Salt Purification

You may be more familiar with this method as it is known and applied many years ago. Ever since people had no choice in buying cleaning detergents. You only need to have cooking salt. Sprinkle the stain directly – no need to worry about copious amounts here. Wait again until the salt absorbs the colored liquid. 

If you still notice red tones so far, then you could repeat the process. Remove old salt from the floor and sprinkle again. This time wait longer. You will usually understand that you need to continue cleaning when the salt has dried and hardened to the surface. By then, the salt should have “sucked out” all the contamination, so be patient. 

Methods for Cleaning Red Wine Spots on a White Carpet

Cleaning with Oxygen Water

The easiest method you can apply to your colored carpet is to mix oxygen water and a tissue-friendly detergent. Although the method is tried-and-tested and popular, always remember the main rule – testing the detergent on the fabric. Oxygen water can only be used on white carpets because it causes whitening, which would not be good for saturated shades.


Again, treat the stain carefully and wait for it to fade. You may need to replicate the technology or try the next more powerful method.


Cleaning old red wine stains

The method works for both fresh spills and dry ones. It is a good idea to be familiar with the ingredients and procedure if you do not have the time or ability to act immediately by absorbing the red spot from your carpet. The cleaning effect is quite good. You will be impressed with the results if you act consistently and correctly. 


The recipe includes the following ingredients:

  • 10 cc 95% alcohol
  • 1 cc 5% ammonia solution
  • 50 cc distilled water
  • liquid glycerin
  • talc
  • sponge
  • container for preparing the solution
  • pure white towels (cotton or microfiber)


Mix the indicated quantities of the first three ingredients. – they are the main cleaner for eliminating red wine stains. Treat the stain and wait for it to work. Then take a white clean cotton or microfiber cloth and moisten it with clean water. Rinse the area, then dry with a clean cloth. 

If you still notice red residue on the white surface, use a little liquid glycerin. Let it act on the area for about 30-40 minutes. Then rinse again and you can finally tackle. Finally a vacuum is applied, but with complete drying of the pad. 

These are just some of the red wine cleansing options, but the most effective ones are selected. Many households deal with the problematic red spots on the soft white and colored tissues of the carpets in this way. Try at least a few techniques before embarking on a professional cleaning – you will save a lot of expense.