How To Clean Paint Off Carpet

Scattering paint on the floor is not very common, especially if your children are already grown. Most often it happens when you decide to freshen up your home or do more serious repairs. If your carpet occupies a smaller area and has the ability to move out, you better do it – there is no better preventative measure. If it occupies the whole room, then make sure you cover it well so as not to ruin your investment. And although you will do everything you can to avoid the risk of paint spills, it will not be superfluous to know how to handle such a situation. 

How to clean carpet stains from different types of paint?

Different types of paints also require different treatment, do not think they fall under a common denominator. As you will not be able to be a texture recognition expert, it will certainly write on the box, so it will not be difficult for you to find out exactly what color is spread on the carpet.

Removing Acrylic Paint

It is water based and easily removable if you act quickly:

  • Cover with dry paper towels around spilt paint – the goal is to surround the stain so it does not spread in wider areas. Do not rub the stain in no case, it will get into the depth and this will create a serious problem for the fabric
  • Pour glycerol on a dry paper towel to soak the carpet and spread well
  • Then take the nail polish remover or pure acetone to clean the acrylic paint
  • Pour into a bucket lukewarm water and add faith
  • use a sponge for the last rinse with water, but do not overdo it with humidity, because it is detrimental to the soft surface
  • Dry with a dry cloth 
  • Apply a vacuum to the treated area

Cleaning latex

These types of bo and are also water-based, but there is scope for additional ingredients of vinyl:

  • Wipe the stain with an old cloth rag or something else you are not already using
  • Dampen the stain of latex paint and then wipe it or attach a vacuum cleaner
  • Make soapy water liquid soap or crepe and smear stain.
  • Leave it to work and rub with a soft brush until disappear.
  • Rinse and dry the carpet

Emulsion paints

This type of dye is an emulsion comprising water, pigments and small particles of polymers. To clean such paints, apply the following method:

  • Absorb the dye with a cloth or paper towel, never rubbing
  • Wet a clean cloth with vinegar and place it on the stain – do not rub, the cloth should absorb the liquid
  • Turn the cloth from the other (clean) side and rub lightly. Prepare other towels to replace them when they become dirty
  • After the already moistened vinegar towels do not remove the paint, then rinse with a soft sponge and a solution of liquid soap and lukewarm water.

Cleaning the oil paint Oil

The spill will make it difficult significantly, but if you act quickly you will manage. Allowing it to dry will require that you consult a specialist carpet cleaning company as soon as possible. Here’s how to do it effectively on your own:

  • Use dry towels or napkins to instantly absorb the paint puddle.
  • Apply a reliable cleaner (you can mix 1 tsp of about 250 ml of warm water) on a soft cloth – do not place too much much to avoid damaging the fabric
  • Wipe the area lightly with a sponge and soapy water.
  • If the results are unsatisfactory, you should repeat the process.

Rules for treating the carpet with spilt oil paint.

  1. If obtained with a stain, first, put on a white cloth and then treat with a solution

  2. Be careful with the type of sponge it should be soft. Be sure to soak it in cold water

  3. Keep in mind that you may face a difficult situation – be prepared to repeat the affected area

  4. Do not go to the final rinse if you cannot handle the paint – otherwise, it will go deep and damage significantly tissue
  5. If you do not achieve the expected results, it is better to seek a specialist in the field, instead of contributing to the destruction of your expensive investment. Experts will challenge
  6. If the paint is dry, try the latest method for dried glycerol or other solvent paint stains


Tackle the DifficultHow to deal with the remaining paint spots on the carpet?

The longer it is delayed to clean the carpet after the spill, the more difficult it would be to remove it. Dry spots require twice as much effort, which in most cases is not enough. Getting to a professional cleaning is almost certain. However, there is one proven effective method for such cases.

What do you need?

  • clean wipes
  • knife with a blunt end of
  • glycerin
  • vinegar
  • vera for dishes or liquid laundry powder


Method of administration:

  • First, scrape the driest paint with the blunt end of the knife
  • Apply glycerin and let it work for at least a few hours, maybe almost all of it day
  • Then treat the stain with soap solution, and if you do not get good results to add vinegar
  • Wash the carpet with clean water and clean towels – prepare at least a few because you will need wet and dry towels
  • Allow the carpet to dry well as it can to enhance the effect with fans, make a stream, turn on humidifiers, etc.