How To Clean Nail Polish Out Of Carpet

Often, women are faced with the situation of doing many things at the same time, especially when it comes to maintaining the beauty and at the same time doing household chores, caring for children, etc. The manicure always betrays the lady’s attitude towards her appearance. Fortunately, manicurists today offer many options for a beautiful and long-lasting manicure, but if you do not have time to visit you will have to deal with it yourself. 

One of the biggest defeats you could make when styling your nail plate and applying several layers of nail polish to fit the garment is to leave the bottle with the varnish open. It is very likely that it will spill over the carpet and cause you a lot of trouble. At the very least, it will delay you for a meeting or other engagement because you have to deal with the spill right now. Certainly the saturated shades (red, pink, blue, green) will not affect the appearance of the soft flooring very well. 

Methods for Cleaning Nail Polish Carpet SpotsNail Polish Spots

Cleaning Fresh

Once the trouble on the carpet is noticeable, pick up the necessary equipment and act quickly. Deep penetration of thick colored fluid can cause serious damage to the carpet fabric. If you leave things like that, it is possible that you need to make a new investment. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Take a spoon or a knife with a blunt edge. Start picking the spill carefully so that it does not go deep. Wipe the tool you use in clean cloth. Repeat these steps until there is no lacquer residue on the spoon. You need to apply these initial measures, no matter the size of the spot. This will get the most out of the color spill and prevent the stain from spreading to other areas of the carpet.
  • After you do this, take a clean cloth that you no longer use (or an older and worn one). Put it on the floor to further absorb the liquid. Use all of its clean sides and replace it if it stains. Prepare at least one extra towel if there is more to absorb and all sides of the used towel get dirty. Remember that the right movement here is absorption, not rubbing.
  • These were the first two important steps, and now it is the order of cleaning. Prepare a suitable home remedy or bet on some reliable and harmless fabric from the store. If the spill of nail polish is quite extensive and you do not have time to choose, then use window cleaner, hairspray and more. Just be careful with the concentrated content – it is strictly forbidden to use bleach and acetone. Although it may seem like an adequate spill cleaner, it is not recommended for the carpet. Both bleach and acetone lead to damage, discolouration and total rupture of the beautiful carpet.

Removing dried nail polish stains.

If you have a choice, never let the varnish dry on the floor. Then removing the color stain can be difficult or impossible. However, there is also a procedure for such severe cases that works well on the treated area:

  • The initial step is identical to that of the fresh spots, but you should already try to scrape the area where the spot is located. You need a spoon, a knife and maybe a nail (it’s harder, but it’s safer for the fabric). In the most severe cases, scissors can be cut where the spill is solid. However, you must be very careful if you go to this step
  • Apply a vacuum with a vacuum cleaner – it is important to vacuum the lacquer residue. This is the so-called preparation of the terrain for the serious cleaning of the remaining spots. The vacuum cleaner will remove all the small particles that you have removed by scraping or trimming.
  • Go to cleaning with an effective and harmless detergent. You can use many types of a great variety of shops, but you should always test them. A proven tool for carpet lacquer removal is a varnish cleaner, but without acetone – this is an important requirement.
  • Use clean towels and rags for final cleaning. Be precise and try to remove the maximum amount of coated nail polish. You can also include a toothbrush, but still, the movement should not be accompanied by too much rubbing

How to choose the right cleaner to remove nail polish stains on the carpet?

As it became clear, there is not much time to waste and wander in search of the right cleanser. However, to be sure that you will not harm your carpet, instead of cleaning it, you should use the known tricks. Always take the test. This is the best way to test the effect of the solution on the tissue. 

To do this, soak cotton, earplugs, or anything else, and wipe away any imperceptible area of ​​the carpet. It is best to have the edge or under the furniture. Wait a minute for it to work out how the tissue preparation will affect. If you notice a difference in color or crushed fibers, try another option. Again, you should know that the action is more absorption rather than rubbing and rubbing.


What are the next steps after removing the nail polish stain?


  • Removal of debris – soak up carefully using a clean cloth or rag, preferably white. It is important to try to get the most of the preparation out of you before moving on to the next step
  • Passing the affected area with soapy water – the necessary materials are a soft sponge, a larger bowl and about 2 tsp. liquid soap. Stir the solution and dip the sponge into it. Be careful only with excessive humidity as it may cause the pad to rot. Otherwise, this step is to eliminate the stuck detergent in the carpet and to counteract the odor.
  • Rinse the carpet – take another clean sponge and dip it in clean water – it may be cool but not warm. Again, be careful with the degree of humidity. The final rinsing is important to eliminate any residue from solutions and soaps.
  • Drying the area – go first with a dry microfiber or towel, then make a large stream. To further accelerate the process, turn on fans directly directed to the carpet. Do not step on it for at least one day. Keep children and pets away so that they do not carry extra dirt on the carpet while it is still damp