How Often You Should Clean Your Carpet

Carpets, located on the ground in a room, are highly endangered by accidental spills, colored spots and other additional damage. Unfortunately, as much as you care to protect yourself from such manifestations, any family member may surprise you – especially young children and your pets. Instead of being terrified and scolding, you better respond instantly – carefully wipe off the liquid, fat, harder foods, etc. before they penetrate deep into the fibers. If you are wondering how often to clean your carpet precisely, there is no single answer. It depends on many factors, so you have to take good care of the weather, but regular hygiene is best for your soft flooring.

What are the main factors that determine the frequency of carpet cleaning?


  • Trafficking – the number of family members influences the need for more frequent or less frequent hygiene. You can see for yourself the difference when you live alone or with two people – in most cases you eat on foot, out, shop for ready meals, etc. However, when the family is large, you have to cook more and prepare meals. If you have small evils, it is too possible to lose, knock or knock something down on the floor, etc. Going through shoes and heavier home slippers through the carpet is also detrimental to its fibers. The soles collect a lot of dirt, dust and grits
  • The colors of the carpet – some users rely on more shades, others stick to one-color models, and others to the classics – white carpet. Each color is differently vulnerable to stubborn stains, with white carpets being the most common maintenance and more care required. The lighter shades are also highly endangered as they are exposed and are trodden on a daily basis. Especially if the accent is under the table in the dining room or in the kitchen, where the whole family is cooking and eating. The darkest shades, as well as the mottled ones, best hide any pollution
  • The presence of small children in the home – the little ones are the biggest joy, but tend to cause a lot of damage in the home. They like to scratch the walls, throw toys, throw them away and stand on soft floors while eating and playing. That’s fine, but you still have to be careful. Be especially observant if they stain on the floor (they often go beyond the outline and hop, a feature from a colored carpet felt). They like to tread on the yard and then run indoors, and the mud is not particularly tolerated by the carpet fibers. As you can see, childcare and a brilliantly cleaned home are two opposing concepts. But, you still need to do everything you can to ensure a comfortable and hygienic living environment at home.
  • Pets in the home – the most intolerable and persistent stains are those from urine, faeces and vomit. If you decide to take such a company, you must learn the animal in strict discipline and good personal hygiene. Until then, it is better to remove all the carpets in the home because they are too attractive to use instead of the toilet. That would be detrimental to your rugs. Moreover, the smell is very strong and intolerant. If you have an animal at home, it is better to pre-fill with cleaners intended for animals directly. In this case, cleaning should be done much more often
  • If you have asthmatics or people with allergies – whether you are renting with other people, in your own home with your family or with your parents, comply with every member of the home. Keep in mind that dust particles, mites, and bacteria build up fairly quickly in the carpet fibers, so regular cleaning is the best way to keep the well-being alive. Apply the vacuum as precisely as possible, going through several sections several times and using only eco-friendly cleaning products. This repels the harmful parasites of the beautiful soft coverings 


What self care do you need for your valuable rugs?

Every care is paid to his master for the time and effort he has spent. To do this, do not neglect your beautiful accessories on the floor – always be involved in cleaning, whether you have complete hygiene and home improvement, or only specific areas:

  • Clean at least twice a week with a powerful vacuum cleaner, carpets and all small decorative and large rugs
  • Equip yourself with cleaning machine carpets for home, effective and safe cleaning products and supplies needed
  • Learn the basics of your carpet – which techniques are best suited for the treatment of tissue from which It is made soft flooring
  • careful what machines and detergents use because excessive humidity of the substrate after cleaning can ruin your carpets
  • before sanitizing the whole space, and especially the heavier parts with dirt and stubborn stains, try on an inconspicuous area. Allow the preparation to act briefly to ensure that it does not discolor or deteriorate the fiber type.
  • Take good care of speeding up the drying process – use humidifiers, fans, draft, etc. Do not step on the recently cleaned carpet – it should be completely dry (at least one day required)
  • If you decide to dry the soft floor coverings outside, do not hang the wet carpets on the wire and be careful when exposed to sunlight (especially if not specified to be UV resistant)
  • Use a deep cleaning technique at least once a year, although specialists give 12-18 months. The conditions in each room are different, so deep hygiene can be applied when it is noticed that it is needed.