How Much Does It Usually Cost To Get Carpet Cleaned

Ask your neighbours, family and friends how much they pay to clean their carpet. Everyone tells you different amounts and it confuses you. The fact is that price calculation is individual because it depends on many factors. There are some fixed amounts for individual feathers, such as quadrature, deep cleaning method of application, area, and more, but the final cost is different for each soft floor. Cleaning companies have experienced staff who will do their best to bring back the shine of the carpet. No matter what and how much effort it will cost them. Of course, sometimes the price can be higher, but the important thing is that the end result is worth it. In addition, the offer will be prepared in advance, so you will be able to decide on a cleanup. If you find the deal unprofitable, you can always check with another local business.


Factors that determine the final cost of carpet cleaning

Type of Carpet

Undoubtedly, one of the most important factors is the type of carpet fabric. The composition of your investment should be taken into account when cleaning it, as it may be ruined. They are generally divided into synthetic and natural fibres. Be prepared for a higher price for cleaning woollen, oriental and cotton rugs. Due to natural fibres that require a more specific, more labour-intensive treatment process – about £100- £150, as opposed to synthetic ones, which range around £90

Method of cleaning – mostly steam cleaning or Dry carpet cleaning

Specialists decide on the spot when they see the condition of the carpet, and especially its composition. Detergents are also included in the cleaning method, which must also be treated with care. Their purpose and concentration are key to preserving the colour and appearance of carpets. Steam extraction is the more efficient and costly method – it can go up to £500 at larger square footage. Dry treatment is characterized by the extremely low degree of humidity after the procedure, but also by the easier removal of dirt. It varies within reasonable limits – an average of £150

Degree of contamination

There is a big difference between a carpet that has been deep cleaned twice a year and one that has not been cleaned for years. Soft floors get dirty quickly and the vacuum doesn’t do much work. Specialists will experience the greatest difficulty in the presence of bright and old spots as well as those of pet urine. Please note that with the above parameters, the price will be higher. There could be no comparison in price with the slight hygiene of a carpet without stubborn stains


Usually, the division of carpet cleaning companies is either room or square. You can choose the option that is more appropriate in your case. If you have a carpet all over the floor, it is better to pay on a per room basis. However, most companies prefer to use the area for pricing. According to the latest figures for this year, prices range between £80 and £130 dollars for an area of ​​200 to 400 square feet, £200 – 3300 for an area of ​​between 1000 and 1500 square feet, from £400 to £550 already for over 2000 – 3000 square feet

Type and amount of cleaners used

You can rest assured that professional companies work with reliable, eco-friendly and anti-allergy products. They use specific products just in case. The main types of cleaning products are for stubborn stains (for example, there are specialized pets), universal, for refreshing and others. The quality and concentration of professional preparations is many times better than those available commercially

The speed of order fulfilment and the location of the area

The more urgently you want teams to arrive at your address, the more expensive the procedure will be. Of course, this is not a matter of space, but in each sector, faster service costs more. The price is well worth it if spills, grease and other sudden contaminants are completely eliminated. The area is also taken into account, especially if it is further away

Extra services that increase the cost of carpet cleaning


In many homes, villas, and retail outlets, homeowners face various problems that they do not know how to handle. The price for cleaning carpets is for a standard look, each additional wish is paid separately. However, you have the opportunity to take advantage of the specialized services offered by proven companies in the market:


  • Ozonization – is a process in which the surface is treated with ozone. The main goal of the technology is the deeper elimination of pests – bacteria, viruses, mould, fungi and intolerable odours. Ozonization is recommended for use both at home and in the office and in a number of retail outlets
  • Protective water repellent and antistatic treatment – the procedure is especially useful after a thorough cleaning. It pays extra for it, but it gives great protection to the carpets. It does not allow dirt to penetrate and has a water repellent function. This means that it does not allow the absorption of any spills (coffee, cola, wine, etc.) that create unpleasant colour spots. This type of protection will keep your carpet look shiny for a longer time
  • Moth Treatment – In some areas, there are many attackers who can seriously damage the beautiful soft flooring. The service is called “moth treatment” but in fact, it also prevents the occurrence of various insects. A special product with hypoallergenic composition is impregnated
  • Others – emergency supplies, carpet storage, odour removal and more specific stains