How Do You Clean Wax Out Of Carpet

Any unwanted contamination on the carpet requires quick reactions and a proper cleaning procedure. Probably everyone, initially, comes in horror and severe difficulty. Instead, stay calm and see how to proceed with the kind of stain your carpet has. Typically, many home methods can be applied as well as cleaned with a reliable carpet cleaner. The more specific spots include wax. 

Although not a common problem, it can be said that pollution does not belong to spills, fats or organic stains. A few different tricks are used to remove candle wax – ironing, frosting, hairdryer, etc.

3 Effective Methods for Removing Wax Stain on Carpet

Freezing Method

This method is easy to apply and the main thing you need is some ice pack from the freezer. Additional supplies are:

  • spreading knife
  • clean towels and rags (preferably white)
  • detergent

Method of administration:


  • Step 1: Take something ice from the freezer. There is no need for ice cubes, so don’t worry if you forget to pack ice bags. Frozen meat or something else can be used. So, get the first thing that comes to your mind


  • Step 2: Place the frozen package directly on the stain and leave it there for a few minutes – don’t worry it will melt. The idea is that the wax is iced
  • Step 3: Now it’s time for the little knife to come into use. Try to remove as much wax from the carpet as possible. You should only take care with the blade of the knife not to pierce the fabric and worsen the appearance of the carpet. This is why a spreading knife is recommended, which is not supposed to be sharp and very sharp.
  • Step 4: After doing this task, spray the area with a suitable detergent. Be sure to try it beforehand to avoid serious damage to the carpet. After the foam is formed on the floor, take clean wipes and immerse them in water. The purpose is to remove the cleaner, and the stain must be gone already.
  • Step 5: The final step is to apply a precise vacuum. It may sound insignificant or you may want to delay this action, but don’t do it. The vacuum will contribute to the return of the carpet’s shine, as it was in its original form 

. Ironing Method with Iron The

The procedure is quite similar, except that a good helper – iron – is included here. Probably now you have thoughts like “how many clothes have I burned, how do I iron the stain on the carpet?”. Do not worry and follow the steps below:

Means required:

  • Several cubes of ice (or some frozen food)
  • Scraper – spatula, fork or spoon handle, sharp knife, etc.
  • Iron
  • Absorbent paper, kitchen roll, sheet of paper, etc.
  • Cleaning detergents
  • Towels
  • rags


Method of application:


    • Step 1: The procedure is identical to the previous method – take something ice from the freezer and place it directly on the floor wax
    • Step 2: Now you need to proceed to scraping the carpet wax – use whatever tool you choose. A spatula, a fork or spoon handle, a spreading knife and the most harmless (but difficult) nail are suitable. Be careful not to disturb the carpet structure in this process.


  • Step 3: Now it’s time to turn on the iron. Before you run it, you need to set it to the correct parameters – in the mode of working for fabrics “wool” or “silk”, as they are more delicate (such as the carpet). Before you start ironing, put on the ground the “cover” you have chosen – a piece of paper, a kitchen roll, a napkin or other. The only requirement here is to cover the area with wax. Then start ironing on the stain until it is eliminated
  • Step 4: Again, go back to the cleaning step with a suitable fabric detergent – it can be purchased from the store or home-made. Even if the stain looks imperceptible, it still has grease residue that will be removed with a similar cleaning. The mixture of water and alcohol is easy to prepare, but also quite effective
  • Step 5: Rinse thoroughly with water and clean towels, taking care not to wet the pad excessively – to a degree of wetting
  • Step 6: Allow the carpet to dry completely. Do not allow anyone to pat on it at this point



Hairdryer method

The tools needed are exactly the same as in the ironing method, except that there is a replacement for the main unit – a hairdryer is used instead. This great method can be used both at home and in the event of such a break during a vacation. It is almost certain that every woman will not forget to bring a hairdryer with her. Then lay the papers on the stain, then turn on the hairdryer. The goal is reached when the paper manages to absorb all the wax. If one piece of paper is not enough, replace it with another one that is dry and clean.

What should you do if the methods below do not work?

Do not despair if you have not been able to handle the wax stain perfectly. You always have a second option – hire a professional. If, at the outset, removing wax from your carpet sounds like a mission impossible, then feel free to contact them directly. You can target experts who will apply dry cleaning as well as those who will handle much more innovative treatments. 

The effectiveness of professional cleaning lies in the skills for the most appropriate treatment of the type of fabric – by type of contamination, stain stay, etc. Deep cleaning can also take place, using powerful top-class machines and a variety of eco-friendly cleaning products. 

What is more than a challenge for you is a daily routine for professionals. They are ready to deal with the removal of any dirt on the carpet, including wax stains.