Having to choose the type of floor you want to have at your home or office may seem like a fun and easy venture but it has quite a few factors to consider – appearance, price, cost of maintenance, ease of cleaning, durability, etc.. Among the variety of floors on the market, the hard ones seem to be the most preferred ones when it comes to the total score they get from the above factors. They have an appealing and luxurious appearance, high initial cost but then they seem easy to maintain and keep clean and they are very durable and can withstand significantly more wear and tear compared to the rest of the floor options on the market.

However, this is not really the case. Hard floors are durable and do give the premises a more sophisticated finish but when it comes to keeping them clean it is not as easy as it initially appears. Some hard floors only look dirty once they have accumulated a considerable amount of soiling and are impossible to clean on your own. Others are not easy to clean with DIY products and can never return their initial shine and look unless cleaned thoroughly with special equipment.

At Fine carpet cleaning we offer our domestic, commercial and industrial customers exceptional hard floor cleaning and polishing services, tailored to their personal needs and requirements. We use one of the most powerful equipment on the market and only non-toxic and gentle products with proven efficiency. Our team of experienced hard floor cleaning specialists is thoroughly vetted and certified and always ready to deliver the highest results and exceed your expectations.

Hard floor cleaning and polishing

We offer our domestic and commercial customers the following types of hard floor cleaning:

Professional wood floor cleaning

– our professional wood floor cleaning service is created in such a way that it can be applied to a variety of wood floors. The powerful equipment and the extensive portfolio of effective cleaning products allow us the flexibility to tailor the service to each and every single customer and their personal or business needs and requirements and the ability to clean even the deepest of soiling and dulling on the floor. Our professional hard wood floor cleaning service consists of a deep mechanical clean to remove the impurities and grime from the floor and application of a layer of sealing agent, which will prolong the clean and shiny appearance of the wooden floor.

Professional marble floor cleaning

– our professional marble floor cleaning service starts with an inspection, during which our experienced team of marble floor cleaning specialists assess the general condition of the floor and its requirements. Then, a choice is made for the materials, which are going to be used during the cleaning process and the equipment is set up. When cleaning marble floors we always make sure we use gentle and effective products, so that we can preserve the surface of the floor but remove all the dirt, which has accumulated on its surface. This will leave your marble floor clean and polished for you to enjoy.

Professional laminate floor cleaning

– starting with a thorough inspection and assessment of our laminate floor, our professional laminate floor cleaning specialists will determine the general condition of the floor and its level of soiling. Then they will choose the most gentle but effective detergent, which will help to remove the grime and bacteria from the floor and will improve its overall appearance, ensuring the laminate floor looks clean and shiny again.

Professional tile floor cleaning

– our dedicated professional tile floor cleaning team will assess the condition of your tile floor and he level of staining and soiling, as well as the spots, where more soiling has built up, e.g. in certain areas on the tiles, in between the tiles, etc.. Then they will use a high pressure steam, which will remove all the staining and soiling from the surface of the tiles and will penetrate in the tiny cracks and crevices in between the tiles to leave them nice and clean.

Professional vinyl floor cleaning

– our professional vinyl floor cleaning team will examine the amount of bacteria and dirt that has built up on your vinyl floor and its general condition, taking into consideration any particular requirements or needs that you may have. Then the most suitable detergent will be chosen, so that a deep vinyl floor cleaning can be performed, which will leave the floor looking clean and shiny again.

Professional slate floor cleaning

– as it is typical for the slate floor to show soiling built up only when a significant amount has been accumulated, it is a good practice to arrange for a regular slate floor cleaning service for the floor. Once called out for an appointment, our team of experienced and dedicated professional slate floor cleaning specialists start with an initial assessment of the slate floor to ensure they know the general condition of the floor and the level of soiling and staining. Then they choose gentle products, which will not cause any damage to the slate floor but will be harsh enough on the heavy soiling built up and the stains on the slate surface. Once the slate floor is completely clean and has recovered its shiny look, our slate floor cleaning team is ready to leave and let you enjoy the fresh new look of your floor.

Professional stone floor cleaning

– our professional stone floor cleaning specialists have different methods to clean stone floors depending on the level of soiling and and the amount of staining accumulated on the floor. They are as follows:

  • Steam under pressure – our dedicated professional stone floor cleaning team uses this method to easily remove all carbon stains from your stone floor
  • Pressure washing – we use this type of cleaning in cases when the stone floor is covered with an average amount of soiling and is not very stained, or has accumulation of salt spots and mould
  • Chemical washing – our stone floor cleaning specialists would select this type of cleaning only in cases when the soiling and staining cannot be removed in any other way
  • Resealing – professional stone floor resealing is a treatment, which is performed at the end of the cleaning process after the stone floor is thoroughly cleaned with one of the above methods and is ready to be sealed. This will ensure its clean appearance lasts longer and it retains its condition for a longer period of time, eliminating the amount of permanent damage to the floor
  • Professional grout cleaning service

    – our experienced and dedicated professional grout cleaning team will apply a special detergent to the surface of the floor, which will then start penetrating deeply into the grout reaching its very bottom and dissolving all impurities accumulated overtime. Once this process is complete, we use our powerful equipment to perform pressure washing and completely remove the grout and leave the floor freshly cleaned.

    Professional floor polish service

    – our professional floor polish service is among our most requested services, due to the significant results it delivers. This service is available to all our residential and commercial customers and is used in cases when heavy and stubborn soiling and staining or shading of the floor is present. Also when the soiling has penetrated to the lower layers of the floor or in between the cracks and crevices of the floor. Using gentle but very effective polishing agents, our experienced floor polish team will ensure all the stubborn stains, grime and impurities are removed from the floor to leave it looking luxuriously clean and shiny for you to enjoy. The floor polish not just cleans the hard floor but it also helps you to keep it looking like new for longer as it does not allow for the regular wear and tear to make a significant impact on your hard floor.