Environmentally Friendly Cleaning

One of the most positive things in recent years is that people are increasingly paying attention to protecting the environment. This is real progress, given the massive pollution and the aftermath. If you are the next virtue on this planet, you could make a change in your lifestyle and mindset by replacing essential home remedies, such as preparations. Cleaning detergents can be dangerous not only to the outside world but also to your health, so focus on home options.

What does eco-cleaning mean?

Eco-cleaning is part of a healthy lifestyle. It also means that you think about the environment and want to contribute to protecting the environment. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is throw away all the toxic funds from your home that you have bought over the years. There are many different methods and preparations available that can be prepared easily, quickly and with few ingredients, so you really have nothing to lose. On the contrary, you will win – they are also effective and can be handy if used in the right container. 


Eco-cleaning also means that you care for your loved ones, and especially your children and pets. Removal of all pests will lead to more peace of mind for cleanliness and fresh air. Selling products on the market for cleaning every part of your home can produce good results, but just think about how many chemicals can be placed in any room. Unfortunately, they are inconspicuous, but are inhaled by anyone who lives in a particular room.  

Tips for switching to eco-friendly carpet cleaners

Prepare a new cleaner each time, or store them in a spray bottle.

This will make it easier to spray on the carpet, and spray bottles are inexpensive – will not make it difficult for you financially. In addition, you will reuse it, which is another saving and reducing all the plastic that is thrown away. Just think about how much plastic is produced daily for the packaging of each carpet cleaner and other type of cleaning.

The method of disposal of old preparations should also not be neglected


. First, do not pour the available liquids into the remaining bottles into the sewer or into the trash bin. They may contain toxic ingredients that are dangerous. Recycling and throwing away designated areas away from populated areas is the best option.

Don’t worry if you recycle plastic and other materials, but keep using cleaning supplies from the store.

Remember that your entire family’s health depends on this. You will be convinced that home remedies can handle a lot of heavy dirt on the carpet, but then you will be calm when your child is playing on the soft floor. Otherwise, it is possible to develop allergies or get asthma due to the chemical air that you breathe daily. A healthy lifestyle is just a click away from the internet – find helpful home remedies and recipes.

Cleaning with white vinegar and baking soda

It can be said that this is one of the most common methods for cleaning carpet stains. Usually hosts always start from here, and then switch to more aggressive means if they fail to cope – with too stubborn, colored or very old dirt. Mixing the two ingredients creates a paste that should be spread over the contaminated area on the floor and rubbed with an old toothbrush. When dry, vacuum with a vacuum cleaner.


Cleaning stains on carpet with vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and baking soda

In case of accidental spills or other contamination, you will need a reliable detergent. Bet on a homemade one, all you need is vinegar, water, hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. This powerful tool will not bend over 99% of the spots available. Proven to combat the most common pollution, just act as quickly as possible.

Cleaning with a steam cleaner and a household detergent

Home steam cleaners, even if they are much less powerful than professional ones, are ready to deal with the germs and bacteria on the carpet. Hot water largely extracts pests and stains, but for better results you can add equal amounts of water and white vinegar to the designated compartment for this. White vinegar will bring a fresher smell to the carpet as it does well to counteract bad odor.

The best helper in dealing with bad smells in the carpet is bread soda.

It is present in the kitchen of every home. This versatile ingredient also helps with odors in the refrigerator. Usage is elementary. You have to sprinkle a lot of the whole area on the carpet – if it is small you will need one pack if you do not need two or three, but it is cheap. Allow it to stand overnight to absorb dirt and then pass with a vacuum cleaner and ventilate. 


As for the fridge – just leave a box full of soda inside. It will extract the unpleasant odor from food. It’s so elemental, but it really results in successful results. After a day, you can remove the baking soda from the fridge.

Ventilate the air daily


Fresh air is part of a healthy life. Ventilate for a minimum of 10-15 minutes each day and be sure to clean each time after using a vacuum cleaner or carpet cleaner. Even after just a simple vacuum, it can smell the dust again, so open the windows wide.


In conclusion, it is good to know that all the methods described have the most harmless ingredients, but you must be careful in some directions. For example, direct contact with soda and vinegar can cause slight irritation to the eyes and ingestion with hydrogen peroxide should not be absorbed. It is recommended that the room is empty during the cleaning and drying of the carpet. Make sure you take care of the children and pets so that no unpleasant situations arise!