Dry Carpet Cleaning VS Hot Water Extraction

Dry cleaning and dirt extraction with hot water are fashion trends in carpet hygiene. To find out which technique to use, you need to have a good knowledge of the type of fabric and apply the best care to it. Usually, steam cleaning is used, but with wool and other delicate fabrics, dry cleaning is more appropriate. The professionals are aware of every step of the way for your carpets, but if you are careful about self-cleaning!

Dry cleaning of the carpet against the use of hot water

Dry cleaning and cleaning with hot water are the two methods for carpet hygiene. The choice of each is due to a number of factors:

  • type of fabric
  • price
  • frequency of cleaning time
  • degree of pollution
  • time and effort

Probably each owner would agree to this method, which will bring back the shine to the carpet, but for this purpose, it needs to get competent help from an expert. It is recommended that you pay for such a service at least the first time to see how the professionals work. Keep in mind that steam cleaning takes a long time – to remove dirt and the drying process as humidity is higher.


On the other hand, steam cleaning is a more efficient method, but it is not suitable for frequent use. The best solution is more often dry cleaning and precise vacuum, and once every 6 months or a year with steam cleaning. This way you can always enjoy the beautiful appearance of accessories.


What is dry cleaning and when is it appropriate to apply it?

Dry cleaning is recommended when you need to clean a smaller area of ​​carpet that is not heavily soiled. Can be defined as local cleaning. It is also applicable after repairs of apartments, villas, houses, commercial premises, etc. The method is much more superficial than steam cleaning, so you would not be able to achieve amazing results on the carpet if it got colored stubborn and old dirt. 

Dry cleaning is used when the carpet is made of delicate fabric – this is the most decisive factor when selecting experts for the type of cleaning method. With soft wool or silk flooring, dry cleaning should definitely be applied. The technology used in this case is slightly different from steam cleaning – the machine brush rotates and the powder is in the form of powder granules. A vacuum is always applied after the contamination has been removed.


If you want to freshen up and hygienize the beautiful office accessories, then a dry cleaner will undoubtedly do a good job of creating a beautiful business environment. It does not have to be removed from the ground, it can be cleaned without disrupting the work process. You do not have to wait for it to dry because the humidity is minimal. Saves time and effort in moving furniture and other items.


Dry cleaning prevents carpet deformation as well as shrinkage and retains its attractive appearance. Get good, safe, and relatively inexpensive hygiene for beautiful accessories.

What is hot extraction and when is it appropriate to apply it?

Steam cleaning efficiency is a popular method. There are a number of advantages – safe and secure results, clean technology and one single ingredient – water. You do not have to look for reliable and harmless preparations, because the benefits of your carpet are even greater with hot water. Steam cleaning goes deep and manages to remove any kind of dirt.

If you hire experts, it is almost certain that they will be able to eliminate the colors from the beautiful soft surfaces. Thanks to their powerful equipment, they can handle all kinds of challenges – spills, grease, organic stains, odors, etc. In addition to the beautiful look, they will bring back to the carpets, powerful steam cleaning kills the bacteria and other microorganisms that live on the mat. 

The technology is applied in every home, office, commercial premises, villa, etc. However, it is important to wait for the carpet to dry completely before stepping on it again. In rooms with heavy traffic, experts suggest carpeting outside the carpets and returning them again when they are well hygienic and dry.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Dry Cleaning 



  • Suitable for any type of fabric – cleans the surface but does not damage any fabric, even the most delicate silk, velvet, etc.
  • It has a wide application – a good method for removing carpet dirt, furniture upholstery, fabric and more
  • Quick cleaning method – no high humidity is used, which makes cleaning quick for application and especially for drying pads. After about an hour or two it can be easy to step on the cleaned carpets
  • Dry cleaning is cheaper than steam – you will be able to restore the good look of the carpet or the interior at a very affordable price
  • Dry cleaning is a great solution for removing dust particles and lighter soiling – contributes greatly to the restoration of color




  • Does not help in the fight against heavy soiling – do not expect to achieve great results in stubborn and old spots
  • Does not remove the unpleasant odors of carpet, furniture is, etc.


Advantages and disadvantages of steam cleaning



  • The appropriate technique for deep cleaning of carpets – helps to remove not only dust and surface dirt, but also to more serious parasites and mites
  • The method is considered a safe application on carpets – difficult to use come up with an option where steam cleaning is not recommended. The technique is appropriate, especially when it comes to using professional machines and cleaning products.
  • Steam cleaning is suitable for everyone – even recommended for pregnant women, people with allergies and asthmatics (the only important thing is to use harmless products). Creates a clean and healthy living environment
  • Eliminates old and stubborn stains – the carpet can shine even after severe spillage of wine, coffee, juice, sauces, food, etc.
  • Only steam cleaning is recommended for eliminating fats of any nature – handles oil, olive oil, grease, oil, fried foods, etc.
  • hot extraction successfully eliminates severe odors – can be used to absorb the worst odors of urine, stool, cigarette smoke and other




  • The process is longer – Bud They prepared for a long wait carry out the process and the subsequent drying
  • steam cleaning is a deep cleaning is recommended once or twice a year – can be applied to three months, but not more often
  • more expensive method – prepare for a more serious sum than dry cleaning if you hire experts in the field