Dry Carpet Cleaning Machines For Cleaning At Home

Cleaning at home is annoying and in most cases quite superficial. However, if you think that with a quick vacuum cleaner you will remove all the harmful particles from the carpet and extend its life, you are in for a little delusion. This is only the first step to good cleaning, the so-called “deep cleaning” should be periodically adopted, which is overlooked by many. 

Those skilled in the art will be the ones who can do it most efficiently, quickly and easily without committing themselves to your expensive investment, but this service may be worth your while. A better alternative is to hire a reliable machine and use the right cleaning products – you can handle it on your own with a much lower budget.

Why does everyone need a professional carpet cleaning machine in the office, at home or at the villa?

Everyone is looking for the best and easy solution for cleaning carpets in different rooms. High traffic and the risk of contamination are indicative of the need for serious care for soft floor coverings. The truth is that professional service is quite expensive, which puts owners in the face of major financial difficulties. That’s why experts are less often hired. 


However, this is detrimental to the type of carpet, so go for a good alternative – buying or renting a professional carpet machine. The benefits are many:


  • Make a one-time investment and have the opportunity for long-term professional support
  • You have the quick solution to eliminate accidental spills and other persistent stains
  • Professional machines are much more efficient than any home cleaning method
  • Extends life the carpet
  • used more reliable cleaning agents that contribute to better results, in combination with quality machine
  • get maximum extraction of dirt with minimal physical effort
  • get a multifunctional machine for complex cleaning – in most models additional accessories for cleaning of inaccessible places, furniture, car upholstery, etc. are included.

What are the main technical features you should rely on when choosing a carpet vacuum cleaner?

The variations on available carpet cleaning machines will make it difficult for you to choose one product. Some with attractive prices, others with very good performance, high efficiency, etc. However, it is important that you choose the one that fits your conditions.

Think about where you will use it, what is the area to be cleaned, what are the main soils that you face on a daily basis. The most important features are the following:



  • Power – The more powerful it is, the higher the efficiency is achieved. This is the original statement, which is not particularly true. Manufacturers strive to reduce power, but not at the expense of high machine performance. In addition to dirt extraction, a quality machine also contributes to good moisture removal after cleaning. Power is directly related to two indicators – airflow and dilution rate. The average air consumption of professional machines varies in the range of 40-130 l / s and the dilution rate of 160 to 300 mbar
  • Tank volume – cheaper, small and compact machines have less capacity. It is advisable to choose a model according to your current needs, but if you are just renting a machine and not buying it, it is better to choose with more debris capacity. It is also important who will do the cleaning, because with some machines it is much easier to manoeuvre than other larger
  • machine- the consumable main supplies that are subject to periodic change are the dust bag and filters. Even when making a purchase, see how much they will cost you and how long they change. This will allow you to plan your budget in the future and find the best solution for you. If you rent a machine, it comes with everything you need, you don’t have to think about anything
  • Extra attachments – the good thing is that with one investment you can contribute to a higher quality of home hygiene. Bet on a more basic machine or multifunctional equipment with multiple accessories included


What should be the additional requirements of each buyer when choosing a carpet cleaning machine?

Everyone needs to be aware of the goals they want to achieve when buying carpet cleaning equipment:


  • Price – The main factor is the price, as there are many good options, but they come up with serious amounts. Define all your requirements and look for the best value for money. Sometimes you don’t need to spend unreasonable money if you want to clean a small area carpet from time to time
  • Application Range – A smaller brush span would torment you if you often need to clean large areas frequently. The process will be slower and more laborious as very thin lines will pass. Otherwise, in smaller areas with lower traffic – a smaller range machine will do a great job. No need to buy more expensive equipment
  • Property area – it is important whether you choose a machine for your home, villa or office. If it is your business, you could not afford the bad appearance of the offices. If you live alone or have few family members, you do not need too big machines. If you want to clean a house that has outside spaces, a gazebo, etc., then choose a more reliable vacuum cleaner with a larger garbage can.
  • Frequency and nature of cleaning – frequency depends on traffic and the degree of contamination. It is usually recommended to vacuum the carpets weekly or at least twice a week. Keep in mind that the more often the better for the life of your carpet. The nature of the cleaning is expressed in daily sanitation or in the precise removal of dirt in need of deep cleaning
  • Other factors – in this column, write down any additional individual requirements that you want to meet your new acquisition