Carpet Cleaning Tips For Removing Red Wine

The red wine season comes with every chill, but the truth is that some lovers can’t part with an incredible drink all year long. What better than a relaxing evening with red wine and good appetizers in a home setting? However, this common practice is accompanied by some major challenges – involuntarily spilling the floor under the table, especially if a beautiful carpet is located. Well, it will be a little complicated in the evening, but you should always be prepared for quick reactions.

Stages for cleaning the carpet of red wine

In the event of such an unpleasant situation, such as spilling red wine on the carpet, you should take care of the coloring quickly if you do not want to remain a lasting memory:

  • The first step you must take is to take a roll with household paper and gently soak in the stain – without pushing too hard to get in depth. After they are colored, replace them with new ones. Apply this technique until the maximum amount of red stain
  • is extracted. DO NOT rub or press on the contaminated area with any absorbent agent, as you will solidify the fibers and the pad.
  • Then proceed to substantial cleaning, choosing the appropriate method for this purpose. Usually, the possibilities are few, so you have the choice and the ability to have at least a few appearances until you get the results you want. Speed ​​and efficiency depend on many factors – the degree of contamination and whether you have waited for the stain to dry or not.

Tips for Removing a Stain of Red Wine from the Carpet

As you enter the web, you will come across a wealth of diverse information regarding the most sparing and effective methods for carpet cleaning. Below are the ones that have proven to be the best in the fight against red wine spots. 


Try them out!

Stain Removal with the Addition of White Wine

Now is not the time to be amazed at the fact that you have to spill extra wine. It has been proven successful, but it must be white wine, remember it well. It has the ability to neutralize the stain and is even in the ranking of the most popular and commonly used methods. In fact, the good results are due to the enzyme contained in white wine. Thanks to it, the stain of red wine “loosens”.


  • Pour some white wine and gently rub the stain with a clean white and a slightly damp cloth.
  • Then you can add a little detergent if you think the stain will not be removed – just spread it on the treated area.
  • Use another clean cloth to remove the detergent and for the complete contamination The
  • following is drying and combing of the fibers for a better appearance

Removing the stain with sparkling water


You may have already heard and tried this method, but it is not a bad thing to do it again. Sparkling water is completely harmless and can only help to remove stains. Good results are mainly due to the salt contained in the water. This prevents the stain from settling in the fibers.


The treatment is identical to the above. It is claimed that the efficiency is not as high as when using white wine, but you do not lose anything if you try. It is harmless and can only help your beautiful accessory. It is better to apply this technique quickly (if you do not have white wine at the moment) rather than delaying. You will not be wrong, because it is a pretty good alternative. 


Mix vinegar and detergent


This is now a truly homemade and harmless preparation that fights both stain and odor elimination from the carpet. The joint work of the solution is quite successful, and its application is very easy. 

Method of preparation and treatment:

  • Mix ⅓ glass of white vinegar and ⅔ glass of water
  • Pour the solution directly onto the stain and smear gently using a clean and white cloth
  • When the red stain fades, add a dishwashing detergent – then completely
  • rinse the area. clean water, dry cloth and let dry

Seek professional help if you could not handle


Sometimes as stubborn be wanting to deal with stains on the carpet, it turns out great challenge in. There is no way to compare yourself with professional companies with many years of practice and available equipment. You can use them as a last but pretty sure option so it’s always a good option. Being able to rely on experienced professionals comes with peace of mind, as this saves the investment for longer operation.

Professional companies bring a number of benefits to households and businesses:

  • They have top-class machines as well as a huge variety of eco-friendly cleaners and amazing fragrances
  • Cleaning is fast and easy
  • Responding to your leisure time and ready to serve you late at night or weekends
  • officials are prepared to lift heavy furniture to reach every corner if they assign an overall deep cleaning of large area rug
  • teams are experienced and familiar with the most effective technologies and processes
  • They know well the various tissues and the most appropriate treatment for them,
  • saving you a lot of time, effort and funds for the purchase of machines, cleaners, supplies and other


experts have salvation for the best kinds of carpets. They act quickly and properly, and they take full responsibility for removing the red heels. Of course, there are situations where it is not enough, but nevertheless they will do their best. The most important tip here is not to delay cleaning, because then it can be disastrous. Immediately study the good specialists and get in touch with them. 


The problem can be solved, simply request an on-site visit as soon as possible.