Carpet Cleaning Machines We Can Use At Home

Professional cleaning can hardly be compared to a home environment, as professionals have much more powerful steam cleaners, different machines and a variety of cleaning products. However, the market has good offers so you can get reliable machines and detergents. Compare the advantages and disadvantages of more up-to-date models and make the best cleaning decision for your soft flooring.

Top 3 Carpet Cleaners Offers for Home Use

Bissell Big Green Professional Grade Carpet Cleaner 86T3

It may look amazing to eliminate some stains, but with the Big Green Machine, anything is possible. If you take a closer look at the features of an appliance, you will notice that it is like a “magic miracle”. Stains of any nature can disappear with the swing of proper and timely use. The machine has been tested and produces good results in all conditions. You can see for yourself by looking at reviews and some videos when working with it. Spilt wine, morning coffee, salad dressing will not be a problem for the Bissell model.


  • Suitable for extreme situations – in hard stubborn spots
  • Fast action and high efficiency
  • It even eliminates blood and urine from pets
  • Convenient accessories are included in the purchased kit to make it easier for users to use the machine
  • It is suitable for carpet cleaning, car upholstery and furniture fabrics
  • It has a long hose that makes it easy to manoeuvre
  • Supplied assembled

Disadvantages :

  • It’s heavy
  • There is a high price


Hoover power scrub

This is the best value proposition if you weigh the most important cost-quality factors. It is designed to make it easier for the household and to save annual funding for deep cleaning. Of course, you will not be mistaken if you choose this machine – you will always have at your disposal appropriate and efficient equipment in the presence of spills, grease, to remove surface contamination and kill bacteria. 

The price is affordable because of the sheer model of additional features that are present in more innovative industries. The truth is, often, most of the extras prove unnecessary and unused by consumers – something simple and easy to use is sought.


  • An intelligent solution at an affordable price
  • Achieving good results
  • Medium power – it does not extract moisture like a professional machine, but it cannot be classified as a low-end machine in this respect
  • Easy to use
  • Easy maintenance
  • Compact size
  • Good equipment (optional components for cleaning stairs and furniture included), which further helps with easy manoeuvring

Disadvantages :

  • Shorter warranty period
  • A relatively short hose to other carpet cleaning machines

The Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner.

This machine is less effective in removing deep stains, but produces good results with regular soft floor treatment. However, moisture extraction is much more precise than other models. It is recommended for flooring that is damaged by high humidity. For example, for viscose wool and others. There is a significantly long cable that you can move freely around the room, up the stairs and elsewhere in your home.


  • Leaves a minimum degree of humidity after cleaning
  • The presence of a long hose
  • Availability of additional attachments to treat different sections
  • Large water tank
  • Easy maintenance
  • It is suitable for large areas – multi-room apartments, villas, houses on several floors

Disadvantages :

  • Difficult to remove dirt – sometimes you have to repeat the process twice
  • Massive machine – heavier and larger in volume
  • High price


Maintenance guidelines for cleaning machines for longer life.


Hardly anyone would want to make an investment for a cleaning machine that uses two to three times and it breaks down. Therefore, it is not in vain that users go thorough review – online and in physical stores until they make the final choice. They are looking for a means to ensure good care of the carpets at a lower value. Here are the additional requirements to be a good landlord and keep your property healthy and functioning:


Read the entire user guide and focus on the support section


It won’t take you that long and it is essential to learn how to use the machine. Usually, the nozzle is assembled and you need to fill the tank (with water or with detergent). If you used to have a simple steam cleaner, even the more professional machines have a lot to do with its type and application. Learn the techniques you need to follow and don’t forget the subsequent maintenance. Once you have finished cleaning, you must follow the specific maintenance steps outlined in the user guide – in the “Maintenance” section.


Remove the accessories that are disassembled and wash them


Carefully remove the various components and rinse thoroughly with clean water. This is especially true of the tank. If you miss this important moment, the next cleaning will further contaminate the surface. It is necessary to proceed after each hygiene to disinfect and dispose of the collected dirt.


Clean the hose.


Dirt goes through the cleaning process. It is your responsibility to drain it in clean water after you have completed the procedure. To do this, while the machine is still on, fill one bucket and put it inside. The purpose is to suck in clean water, thus cleaning it well. Then disconnect the machine from the socket – you should also drain clean water so that it does not mould inside until further use.


Brush clean – done manually.


They collect a large amount of fur from pets, hair and other dirt. Some machines allow the brushes to be removed and travelled separately, but others are attached and you need to clean them by hand (you can use rubber gloves). Poor brush maintenance makes them difficult to use – they stop rotating.


Allow all items to dry before storing them.


Allow them to dry disassembled after being washed and cleaned to the fullest. Only then find a dry place and put them together with the machine so they don’t interfere – your garage or closet is a great wardrobe solution for your equipment.