Best Carpet Cleaning Product For Stains

It’s awful when the beautiful carpet gets stains of different nature. As he reads, he constantly pulls your gaze down to the floor. However, instead of inactive after the unpleasant occurrence of spillage of liquids, fats, sauces, etc., take the detergent you have at home immediately, or make a household cleaner immediately. In either case, it’s a better solution instead of sitting idly. Don’t think you have to throw away the soft flooring, because in most cases there is something to be done to save it.

Cleaning Home Carpet Stains

Keep in mind that as much as you try to keep an eye on, the home carpet, in the villa or in the office is an accessory that is at serious risk of multiple contaminations. You can always call a professional cleaning company, but they won’t be able to come to your aid so quickly. This means that you should in all cases investigate the most effective cleaners for different types of stains. It is advisable to be eco-friendly, although commercially available are all types and sometimes you do not have much time to choose.

Cleaning Coffee and Tea

The first batch of stains are those, as usually everyone’s day starts with a wake up with strong coffee or black tea. In the morning one always rushes to work, drinks his drinks on foot and leaves home. That is why the likelihood of a spill is not low. To deal with such a problem, try the preparation of beer or soda:

  • First, soak thoroughly liquid from the carpet with a dry white cloth to not enter more deeply into the fabric
  • then pour the stain with a beer or soda – which fluid you have decided to use. It is only important that the liquid has been at room temperature a few hours.
  • follow it to stand and wipe again with a clean cloth. The stain should be removed and no unpleasant yellow shades are observed, which are inherent in coffee and tea.

Cleaning the juice stains

Juices are less harmless because they are concentrates. If it is homemade fresh, then things are different. Deletion of different juices is possible with preparation of:

  • 1 tbsp. dishwashing detergent (preferably colorless)
  • ¼ cup apple cider vinegar
  • warm but not hot water

Mix the ingredients in a spray bottle and spray the area. Remember again the need for an immediate spill with a dry cloth. It is also necessary to test the mixture in an inconspicuous area to avoid discoloration or damage to the carpet. Then the procedure is identical – spray evenly, waiting to act and wipe with a clean cloth.

Cleaning pet stains The

vomit or urine from your pet often proves to be an impossible task for home cleaning. However, do your best to help the professionals you call after. To cope with the stain and odor, the best method is to mix the vinegar and soda solution. Vinegar has a strong action to counteract severe odors, and soda is effective in removing blemishes. Follow the steps above again and do not forget to try again at one end of the carpet to see what effect the preparation leads to.

Cleansing oil and grease stains

Fats of any nature are very unpleasant to the type of fabric, so you should try at least a few options to deal with these stains before giving up. Here are some options for this problem:

  • Shaving cream – the procedure is no different. Apply enough directly on the stain, wait a bit and wipe with a clean cloth
  • Alcohol – you may not have tried this method, but medical alcohol produces very good results in the fight against fat on the floor
  • Soda, baby powder or talc – now is the time for some baby ingredients come into use. It is these materials that are capable of absorbing large amounts of fat. It is advisable to rub the detergent with a soft brush.


These detergents can be used for all kinds of stains, but in the specific cases give the best results. So do not hesitate if you have already prepared, and accidentally miss your lipstick, pour a glass of wine, etc. Try some of the suggestions above, and then you can always switch to another cleaner.

What cleaning products could you use with traditional detergents on the market?

Vanish The

popular Vanish is a tried and tested carpet cleaner. You can come across it in any form (shampoo, powder, etc.), but it could certainly be a great helper in case of a whitewash on the floor. 

Vanish Benefits:

  • Good Price
  • Easy Purchasing – Available in Every Store
  • High Efficiency in Removing Any Stain and Surface

Impurities Vanish Disadvantages

  • Not very powerful – stain removal depends on the carpet type, degree of dirt and downtime. The stain is



again available in many variants – such as liquid solution, powder and tablets. Although the brand is associated more in the variety of vacuum cleaners, Karcher’s preparations are also very reliable for carpet cleaning.

Advantages of Karcher:

  • Application on the fabric is easy
  • Preparations are suitable for any color of carpets
  • Fight many types of stains and dirt
  • Return gloss and good appearance of the carpet
  • There is a great use – for furniture, for car, for carpets and other coverings

Disadvantages of Karcher:

  • presence of chemical compounds and acids that lead to damage to the carpet


Other cleaning products are marketed

truth is that there is no way to exhaust all possible proposals with which you can clean various types of stains ki there. However, you need to study the preparations well – the positive is that today you can find all the information on the Internet. Bet on reliable cleaners with a natural composition and powerful action. Think carefully when cleaning the soft floors on your own, because it is not ruinous to ruin them when you want to remove stains.